Museum Services

Meet the Team

It takes teamwork to make the dream work, and our expert team is here to help you bring great experiences to your museum floor. 

Jaclyn Barber
Senior Exhibit Graphic Designer

You have probably seen the results of Jaclyn's work on most of the exhibits OMSI has produced in the past 10 years. She enjoys sorting out the details in the various phases of exhibit graphics design and production. Jaclyn relishes in finding pleasing color combinations, well-designed ligatures, making lists, and disregarding anything that uses the Papyrus typeface. 

Key Projects:

Under The Arctic | Roots of Wisdom | Clever Together | Mindbender Mansion | Design Zone | Animationland

Joe Bartley
Senior Exhibit Designer

Joe is responsible for turning ideas into delightful experiences through design. He has a passion for creative problem solving and is a strong advocate for human-centered design. Passionate about the outdoors, he enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling and Tuesday evenings when he races a sailboat on the Columbia river.

Key Projects:

Designing Our World | Lenses on the Sky | Blueback | Under the Arctic | Animationland | Snow 

Victoria Coats
Exhibit R&D Manager

Victoria has worked at OMSI since animatronic dinosaurs first roamed the exhibit halls. During her time at OMSI, she learned to embrace the collaborative process and barely kicks or screams at all now. She loves bringing together diverse teams of smart, imaginative cooks (but not too many), stirring up a rich soup of ideas, and filtering out a clear broth of intuitive learning experiences.

Key Projects:

Under the Arctic | Roots of Wisdom | Zoo in You | Human Plus | Eat Well, Play Well

Catherine Diaz
Exhibit Business Development Manager

Raised by a pack of OMSI Exhibit wolves, Catherine began her career writing exhibit technical manuals and now manages traveling exhibit tours. In WWF terms, she's The Rock of client requests, contracts, and all things logistic. A benevolent mistress of minutia, her foresight and charm gets and keeps any ball rolling.  Most weekends she can be found wandering the woods with a backpack and her family.

Key Projects:

CAS: Earthquake House | Zoo In You | Roots of Wisdom | Under the Arctic | Animationland

Rick Gales
Senior Business Development Manager

Originally from the beaches of California, Rick has lived the dream, even earning his BS in industrial design while at the beach. Waking from the dream after decades in the exhibit industry, he has achieved vast wisdom and experience. Now at OMSI, he is the guy in the aloha shirts bringing high-quality science education to the hungry masses disguised as traveling exhibits.

Key Projects:

World of Speed | Brain Teasers | CAS: Earthquake House | Smart Egg Drop | Eat Well, Play Well

Daniel Guyton
Traveling Exhibits Manager

Daniel comes to OMSI by way of Arkansas where he has spent ten years working with traveling exhibitions in both the public and private sector. A jack-of-all-trades and master of logistics, he is passionate about bringing our engaging hands-on exhibits to all corners of the country and keeping them running strong. When he is not prepping repair materials or planning rounds of logistics you can find him outside exploring his new surroundings in the Pacific Northwest.

Key Projects:

Animationland | Under the Arctic | Design Zone | Mindbender Mansion

Thomas Hudson
Electronics Developer

Thomas does Electromechanical Engineering. This is where the rubber meets the road, where software and hardware come against the punishing test of a hands on museum environment.  He is active in the local electronics scene, teaches electronics at PCC, and has a patent for counting honeybees. He designs circuit boards, buttons, LEDs, haptic sensors, audio triggers to create 4D environments and toys with cool technology like 3D scanning, virtual reality head gear, and game engines.

Key Projects:

Smart Egg Drop | Zoo In You | Mindbender Mansion | Under the Arctic

Dave Laubenthal
Creative Director

Dave is passionate about STEAM. He’s a trained sculptor and has been involved with art and design projects at various scales all around the world.  He founded and ran a design studio in Portland for over a decade and carries this experience and knowledge into his position as the Creative Director over the Experience Design Studio.  When he is not looking for new ways to collaborate, he is looking for ways to spend more time riding his bike and eating tacos.

Key Projects:

Lenses On The Sky (NASA) | Designing Our World | Under The Arctic | Our Ocean

Cecilia Nguyen
Exhibit Developer (The Exhibitionator)

Cecilia works with the experts—researchers, museum visitors, youth, and community members—to figure out what the heck should go in an exhibit. Then she works with the OMSI team to figure out how the heck to make the exhibit. Aside from all the reading, talking, and scribbling this entails, she sings nerdy beautiful church music.

Key Projects:

Animationland | Brain at Play | Design Zone | Human Plus | Roots of Wisdom


Allyson Woodard
Exhibit Developer

Allyson will do whatever it takes to inspire curiosity. With a background in multimedia storytelling and environmental studies, she is passionate about the potential for interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration to enrich our bonds to the universe, the Earth, and each other. She likes cameras, cats, corvids, and roller skates.

Key Projects:

Under the Arctic | Designing Our World | Blueback | Shake House | Designing Our Tomorrow | Snow