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On the Go with Joe at Staying Alive: Defenses of the Animal Kingdom

FOX 12 Oregon

Joe learns all about how animals protect themselves at OMSI’s newest live animal exhibit.

Memberships to Oregon attractions make great gifts for the holidays, or any occasion

The Oregonian

The Oregonian rounds up a list of perfect gifts for the people in your life that crave experiences, including a membership to OMSI!

City in Crisis: Broken Bridges, New Pathways


Debora Knapp explores the projects changing the Portland’s future, including the OMSI District with a interviews with Erin Graham and James Allen Parker.

New OMSI District in SE Portland moves forward with visionary new plan

KGW News

KGW covers the Portland Design Commission’s approval of the OMSI District master plan, a major step forward for the proposed one-of-a-kind neighborhood with innovation, arts, culture, and science learning at its heart.

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