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On the Go with Joe at OMSI exhibit ‘Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes’

FOX 12 Oregon

Fox 12 Oregon’s Joe Vithayathil explores original comic book pages, interactive displays, life-size statues of your favorite Super Heroes, and more in Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes.

Avengers, assemble! ‘Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes’ opens at OMSI

The Oregonian

The Oregonian covers OMSI’s newest featured exhibit, Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, now open at OMSI.

Proposed OMSI District in East Portland will cost $120 million to build

KGW News

KGW covers OMSI’s latest proposal to the Portland Design Commission on the proposed OMSI District, an inclusive, vibrant new neighborhood in Portland’s Central Eastside.

OMSI expert talks space debris that lit up Portland sky


OMSI Director of Science Education Jim Todd joined AM Extra to help explain space debris from Falcon 9 Rocket that lit up the Portland-area sky.

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