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Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family 

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OMSI District development plan ‘accelerating’ as financing shows promise

CEO Erin Graham is fundraising for $22 million for infrastructure improvements to unlock potential on 11 sites.

OMSI president and CEO Erin Graham smiles in the museum.

NOAA Selects OMSI as Heat Monitoring Hub

NOAA announces OMSI will be the Pacific Northwest hub for gathering heat mapping data throughout the region.

Logo for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a circle with an abstract design evoking the ocean, waves, and sky.

OMSI’s ‘Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family’ exhibit is now open

The new “Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family” exhibit at OMSI features a kid-friendly look at one of the most famous dinosaurs.

A full tyrannosaur cast skeleton display as part of the Tyrannosaurs - Meet the Family exhibit.

Students have blast with OMSI outreach program

Elementary school students took part in chemistry experiments last week as part of the OMSI React-O-Blast outreach education program.

Roosevelt and Conger elementary school students take part in an assembly by OMSI where one child breathes air into a tube to stoke a fire.