Youth Lead the Way

Learning Communities Mobilized

A Youth Advisory Research Board Model for Climate Impact Education

YouthCARE members at OMSI sign

Project Description

We want to involve youth in addressing challenges that face their communities–specifically climate impact. We hired 15 youth to create a Youth Advisory Research Board (YARB) at OMSI. These youth honed their skills, advised on projects, developed creative activities to communicate about climate impact, and engaged the public as climate impact educators.

We also had our research team explore the factors of the YARB that empower youth to engage in climate impact education as ISL (informal STEM learning) professionals. We think that our findings will help to guide informal science educators who want to include the youth voice in their work and inspire researchers to more deeply explore the YARB model.

Youth engaged in conversation
YARB members engaged in conversation

Project Resources

Research and Evaluation Activities



Professional Development Materials

YARB meeting
YARB members planning their projects

Youth Activities

Youth Created Deliverables

Youth Advising Projects

  • Developing earthquake safety activities for ShakeAlert®/USGS
  • Researching sustainable exhibit materials
  • Waterfront Education Park research
  • Natural Sciences Hall visioning
  • Revising signage and activities for OMSI labs including Chemistry, Life, Earth, and Physics
  • Exhibit Development Advising for Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity—Biomimicry transforming the world


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Scott Randol,


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