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Wild Creativity

How does a kangaroo gain energy as it bounces? Why do birds have different beaks? How does a prairie dog cool its home? 

Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity invites visitors of all ages to explore fundamental concepts of biomimicry through  hands-on design challenges, spotlighting  the interplay between the art and science of nature and how it continues to inform our world.  

This OMSI-made, Spanish-language forward exhibit reveals how animals and nature work in unique, sustainable, and efficient ways. Today’s engineers have much to learn from the natural world and our next great design may come from YOU! 


This exhibit was made possible by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (DRL 1811617) and in partnership with Biomimicry Institute, Adelante Mujeres, and The Fleet Science Center.

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Availability Schedule

Dates Location Availability
Spring 2023 OMSI | Portland, OR
Summer 2023 OMSI | Portland, OR
Fall 2023 The Fleet Science Center | San Diego, CA
Spring 2024 The Fleet Science Center | San Diego, CA
Summer 2024 Scott Family Amazeum | Bentonville, AR
Fall 2024 ---
Spring 2025 Sam Noble Museum | Norman, OK
Summer 2025 Delaware Museum of Nature and Science | Wilmington, DE
Fall 2025 Delaware Museum of Nature and Science | Wilmington, DE
Spring 2026 Children's Science Explorium | Boca Raton, FL
Summer 2026 ---
Fall 2026 ---
Spring 2027 Springfield Museums | Springfield, MA
Summer 2027 ---
Fall 2027 ---

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