Future OMSI District

OMSI District Vision

The OMSI District Master Plan is to create a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that is an inclusive community destination with innovation, culture, arts, and science learning at its heart. The OMSI District vision comes from a collaboration of local, Tribal and regional government entities, nonprofits, and businesses.

In collaboration with partners, OMSI’s Master Plan will create a new mixed-use District that is:
  • A community destination and inclusive neighborhood creating equitable public benefit.
  • A hub for innovation, arts, and culture.
  • A center for science learning and climate action, showcasing and advancing climate solutions through transportation, next-generation urban systems and technology, and OMSI science learning.
  • A city economic growth driver and pillar of financial sustainability for OMSI and partners, enabling OMSI and partners to sustain and expand educational programming for diverse audiences.
Site Components
  • 24 acres of new, mixed-use transit-oriented development
  • Up to 3 million square feet (sf) of new space to work, live, live, and play
  • 1,200 units of new housing with a minimum of 20% affordable units
  • New Waterfront Education Park
  • Public plaza and event spaces
  • Center for Tribal Nations, maker spaces, indoor and outdoor labs, festivals, and events with partners create an innovative public learning ecosystem
  • Net zero carbon emissions and waste

Core Partners

Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians

City of Portland

Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

Metro Regional Government

Portland Community College

Portland General Electric

Portland Opera

State of Oregon

District Timeline

OMSI is creating a broad and diverse coalition of entities that support the OMSI District, a proposed inclusive, vibrant new neighborhood on the southeast bank of the Willamette River. The OMSI District comes from a collaboration of local, Tribal and regional government entities, Indigenous groups, nonprofits and businesses. These entities will help champion and advocate for the OMSI District as the development goes through the city’s Master Planning Process.


February 16: The Master Plan undergoes its third public Land Use Hearing and receives Design Commission approval. This approval is a major step forward in bringing the OMSI District to fruition. The City of Portland will be a key partner in the next stages of planning and development.  Information about the Land Use Hearing is available through the Bureau of Development Services. 


December 15: The Master Plan undergoes its second public Land Use Hearing with the Design Commission. This is a continuation of ongoing discussions and plan revisions. OMSI expects an additional hearing in early 2023. Information about this hearing is available through the Bureau of Development Services.

August 18: The OMSI District Master Plan undergoes its first review by the City of Portland Design Commission in a public Land Use Hearing. Information about the hearing is available through the Bureau of Development Services.

OMSI, various partners, and the City of Portland develop funding strategies to create the framework for a development agreement with the City.

OMSI, in partnership with ECONorthwest, releases the economic impact study of the OMSI District.


 In collaboration with partners, OMSI released the vision for the OMSI District and submits the Master Plan to the City of Portland.

The State of Oregon commits $5 million towards the construction of a new Water Avenue, a critical infrastructure investment in the OMSI District.



Portland Community College and Portland Opera join the master planning process.

Metro awards a $750,000 grant to the City of Portland and OMSI to facilitate engagement with a broad coalition of Indigenous communities and Tribal partners. Tribal engagement co-development is led by the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians.

2016 – 2019

• 2019: Mayor Ted Wheeler joins an OMSI board retreat and includes the OMSI District as a top City priority. Prosper Portland is assigned as the bureau lead for the OMSI District.

• 2018: OMSI selects Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) to further refine the OMSI District Master Plan for submittal to the City’s CCMP process.

• 2018: OMSI selects Portland-based Edlen & Co as the master developer, the entity responsible for executing the master plan and developing the OMSI campus.

• 2018: The City Council votes to approve Portland’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan, which includes the OMSI District. The Comprehensive Plan is adopted by the State of Oregon.

• 2016 – 2017: OMSI conducts quarterly meetings with City bureaus, commissioners, landowners in the district, adjacent neighbors, State agencies and private companies, resulting in an understanding of infrastructure and public investment needed to support the OMSI District.

• 2016: OMSI works with renowned global design firm Snøhetta to develop an OMSI District Master Plan. The plan includes detailed input from Prosper Portland, City bureaus, district stakeholders, neighbors, community partners and developers.

Before 2015

• 2015: TriMet completes the MAX Orange line and Tilikum Crossing connecting the future OMSI District to the greater Portland Metro Area like never before.

• 2015-2016: OMSI participates in the City’s land use planning public engagement process.

• 2014: Congressman Blumenauer convenes leaders from OMSI, the City, Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland State University, and Portland Community College to determine ways to co-invest in the district.

• 2014: At the invitation of the City of Portland, the Urban Land Institute studies the Central Eastside Industrial District and endorses investment in the district.

• 2008: OMSI announces development plans, partners with Portland-based Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) to develop a Concept Plan for the OMSI property.

District + Partner Updates

Visioning a Center for Tribal Nations and Waterfront Education Park in the OMSI District

Community Engagement in OMSI District Planning

Green Infrastructure + Climate Resiliency

Latest News

May 18, 2023
Metro pledges up to $7 Million to fund the Waterfront Education Park! See our OMSI District News Page for media coverage on this exciting milestone.

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