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How can we create and test effective tools that advance museum practices in sustainable exhibit development?


OMSI collaborated with expert advisors and museum partners to develop exhibitSEED, a toolkit of resources for developing, designing, and building more sustainable exhibits.


ExhibitSEED advanced sustainable practices in museums & Clever Together advanced sustainable decision-making for OMSI visitors.


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Project Leads 

Victoria Coats
Veronika Nunez


Sustainable practices for creating exhibits

How can we build knowledge and skills in sustainability for OMSI exhibits, OMSI visitors, and the national museum community?

ExhibitSEED (Exhibit Social Environmental and Economic Development) developed and tested tools and practices for creating more sustainable exhibits by considering the “three pillars” of social, environmental, and economic impacts. OMSI collaborated with design advisors and science center partners from across the country.

ExhibitSEED was piloted by and shared with exhibit professionals through a series of national workshops. ExhibitSEED was also applied and tested in the making of Clever Together/Juntos somos ingeniosos, a bilingual (English/Spanish) exhibit about sustainable decision-making. Photos of Clever Together/Juntos somos ingeniosos are featured here.

The Clever Together exhibit was used as a case study for meeting the highest standards of the exhibitSEED’s Green Exhibit Checklist, an evaluation tool designed by the project to evaluate the environmental sustainability of exhibits. Clever Together succeeded in becoming OMSI’s greenest exhibit ever.

Clever Together used sustainable practices, including reducing the use of toxic adhesives and materials, creatively repurposing or salvaging building materials, reducing energy use, and designing the exhibits to be easily repurposed or recycled. Volunteers were incorporated in all phases of development, and the exhibits were co-created in English and Spanish with bilingual educators, evaluators, advisors, and audiences.

OMSI continues to apply these exhibitSEED practices in developing, designing, and building exhibits.

ExhibitSEED resources are archived here: https://omsi.edu/museum-services/evaluations.

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