Science at Home

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There are endless ways and places to do science. No degree or lab required! Explore OMSI’s science content areas below to find engaging at-home activities that will help you stay curious, inspire experimentation, and spark ideas for new exploration.

People + Place

Interested in the science of human behavior, how the physical world is evolving, and how we can improve the quality of life on Earth? Get outside and discover more about the world around you through these adventurous activities.

Life in Microplastics

Little plastics are a Big Problem. See what happens when you throw your Barbie away.

Visit the intertidal zone and learn how different critters have adapted to their unique habitat.

Discover the importance of biodiversity to the health of our environment.

Help important pollinators find a home by creating your own hotel for cavity-nesting bees.

What sounds can you hear? Learn about your environment through sounds alone.

Study the timing of natural events and turn your observations into a flipbook!

Science Skills + Core Concepts

To be good scientists, we need to know about the scientific method and core knowledge concepts. Below, you can explore foundational science skills and concepts through engaging, hands-on activities.

Have a question that needs answering? Learn how scientists use the scientific method to research, test, and come to conclusions.

All solids, liquids, and gases have density. Learn to do a colorful experiment to compare different sugary liquids.

Discover how many times you can stick a Post-it® Note to different surfaces.

Are you faster than a dog? Collect data and run multiple tests to find out.

Predict how different types of “lava” will flow down a mountainside.

Design + Industry Science

Are you up for a challenge? Tap into your design, engineering, and maker skills to generate innovative solutions to contemporary problems.

Knowing how to make a fire can save your life! Learn about what goes into building a fire and how to put it out safely.

Complex social challenges require innovative solutions. Learn why social distancing is important when a virus is spreading.

Become a structural engineer! See if your brick creation will survive a fall.

Design your own neutrally-buoyant “plankton” that barely floats or sinks.

Will your bridge remain standing after an earthquake? Test your design skills!

Sensory Exploration

Science is full of sticky moments and big experiences. Try one of the hands-on activities below to do science through unforgettable sensory fun!

Grab a Slinky and experience sound vibrations with your ears – and your mouth!

Learn how to mix, pour, squish, and play with an all-time favorite – flubber!

Feel the heat – and the ice! Discover how to stay warm like a seal or a walrus.

Are your vocal cords ready rock? Make your own membranophone at home.

Create a luminescent spark using only your teeth and a minty treat.

Social Sciences + Arts

Feeling creative? Social sciences and art are great ways to exchange diverse ideas, understand social challenges, and become inspired to work together toward solutions.

Make your art come alive! Use simple materials like paper, tissues, and a balloon to turn electricity into moving art.

Did you hear those soundwaves? Discover the science behind a low-tech string telephone you can use to chat with a friend.

Create a colorful chemical reaction with milk, food coloring, and dish soap!

Use clear language to communicate a complex idea to someone else.

Observe microscopic mushroom spores by making a unique art print.

Science Collections

Looking to learn through a thematic unit at home or in the classroom? Explore OMSI’s curated learning modules! Each module dives deep into a single concept or area of science and outlines diverse ways of engaging with the topic, from science reading to hands-on design challenges.

Exploring Life in Space

Do humans have a future in space? If we do, could we bake a cake there? Learn more about the extreme environment beyond Earth’s atmosphere and explore new and existing ways for humans to survive the trip.

Feeling Connected

How do you connect with others? Do you know your neighbors in your community? What should you do if you’re worried about your mental health? To make a better world for all of us, we need to solve problems that impact overall health, like poverty, inequality, and social isolation. Visit the pages below to explore different ways of feeling connected to others in your community.

Why Does This Matter?

Health is more than how you physically feel. It includes social and mental health, too. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. How do you know when you’re healthy?

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