Video Resources

Science learning, on demand.

Ready to see something you’ve never seen before? Join OMSI educators as they explore wildly curious science questions and uncover new knowledge. The best part? Instant replay capabilities and zero mess to clean up… for you, at least!

Science Demonstration Videos

OMSI educators always have something fun up their sleeves. Choose a video below to unlock a world of fun and learning, plus a generous supply of oohs and ahhs.

Do you know what is inside this vat, besides vegetable oil? Explore the science of optics and light in this refractive mystery video!

Explore one of the rarest colors in the animal kingdom – blue! Discover what makes blue so different from other colors.

It’s the Curiosity Rover’s birthday! How would the atmosphere on Mars affect the physics of its birthday cake?

OMSI’s Collections houses thousands of artifacts not on display at the museum. Of all these hidden treasures, which one is the oldest?

What would happen to a Marshmallow in space? Observe how marshmallows and other objects behave in the vacuum of space.

Three OMSI educators showcase colorful art experiments you can do at home with household materials.

Grab your space suit! Learn about the inner planets of our Solar System, try impact cratering, and design your own homemade rocket.

Science Squad Videos

Join OMSI’s teen volunteers, The Science Squad, as they explore everything from the science of cookies to slime!

Have room for dessert? Join us for a sweet seminar on the surprisingly complex array of chemistry that goes on when you bake a cookie.

Why do so many people need caffeine in the morning? Explore humanity’s favorite chemical stimulant and what it does to our brains and bodies.

Learn the chemistry behind everyone’s favorite polymer – Slime! Watch this fun guide to making the best bouncy, stretchy slime.

Ready to flex some fitness knowledge? Break a sweat as we learn the biology of how workouts bulk up our muscle cells.

Is water itself wet? Get to the bottom of the age-old question with linguistic learning and big splashes of science.

Videos for Young Scientists

It is never too early to start building science skills. Adults, learn alongside your young scientists and try these easy experiments at home.

Learn how to mix, pour, squish, and play with an all-time favorite – flubber!

Grab a Slinky and experience sound vibrations with your ears – and your mouth!

Learn about making educated guesses – called hypotheses – and test them out.

Psssst…use common art supplies to write and decode secret messages.

What happens when you add salt to watercolor paintings? Let’s do a test and find out!

Camp Gray Videos

Travel to the Oregon Coast with educators stationed at OMSI’s Camp Gray, an immersive center for learning, discovery, exploration, and fun in the natural world.

Grab some rope and play along as OMSI Educators walk you through several basic knots.

Visit the intertidal zone and learn how different critters have adapted to their unique habitat.

What is the difference between a fir cone and a pine cone? Learn this and more at Camp Gray.

Knowing how to make a fire can save your life! Learn about what goes into building a fire and how to put it out safely.