Life In Microplastics

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At OMSI, we love Barbie! We even ran the movie during it’s theatrical release. It made us want to run to the nearest toy store to get the Existential Crisis Barbie and the Mojo Dojo Casa House. They are a lot of fun to play with. But, much like everyone else, we get bored and want to move on to something else. Also we really play rough with our toys making them pretty gross. When your Barbie gets thrown out, where does she go? The ocean, probably.

Microplastics are the small plastic particles that are broken down from larger plastic objects. Seems small pieces have led to huge problems. As the demand for plastics increased so has the spread of microplastics. They have infiltrated all of earth’s ecosystems and food chains.

While much research is being due, microplastics have been linked to many health detriments. Cancer and lower reproductive rates are among some of the risks associated with microplastics so far.

Get Involved

SOLVE Oregon

SOLVE is an Oregon based non-profit which mobilizes volunteers and partners to clean up local beaches. Across the state, they bring diverse communities together to improve the health and safety of our shared neighborhoods and natural areas including our coast, rivers, parks, and forests. More information on them can be found here.

See Your Impact

Our friends at the Ontario Science Centre has made an activity entitled From Closet to Coast. The gist the project is sort your dirty laundry in order to determine if there are synthetic fibers (a form of plastic) or purely organic fibers, i.e. cotton, in your clothing.