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Ever wondered how to make the stickiest slime, or why we should wash with soap for 20 seconds? See how OMSI educators break down the science behind these experiments. You can even try them at home, with items you might already have.

Why is Social Distancing Important?

See what happens when a "virus" rolls through a community of dominoes—then set up your own experiment.


Learn about density (the measure of how many things are in a given space) and how to create a sugar rainbow.

Name That Cone

Learn how to identify pinecones from some of Oregon's conifer species.

A Tasty Look at the Scientific Method

See how scientists use "the scientific method" to figure out the answers to their questions.

How to Build a Campfire

Can you build a lean-to? A log cabin? Learn about what goes into building a fire—and how to put it out safely.

Secret Messages

Create a secret message with just a crayon, paper, and watercolor paint!

Exploring Tide Pools on the Oregon Coast

Visit the intertidal zone to learn how sea anemones and sea stars have adapted to their habitat.

The Science Behind String Telephones

Learn how to build a low-tech string telephone and how soundwaves travel through a simple piece of string.

How to Observe and Measure Biodiversity

Discover and measure the biodiversity within an ecosystem in your favorite nature spot.

Sink or float

Will it sink...or will it float? Make hypotheses about different objects!

How to Make a Static Electricity Butterfly

Learn how you can turn electricity into art, using a balloon and paper!

Slinky Sounds

Grab a Slinky and experience sound vibrations with your ears—and your mouth!

Learn Basic Knot Tying

Find a piece of rope or string at home and learn how to tie a few basic knots!


Insects come in all shapes and sizes. Gather a few supplies at home and create your own unique bug!

How to Keep a Lab Notebook

Learn how to use a lab notebook to record information and conduct an experiment—in this case, how to make the stickiest slime!

How to Observe Animals and Make a Bar Graph

See how to count the animals near you and create a scientific chart with your data.

Why Do We Wash with Soap for 20 Seconds?

See how soap molecules remove bacteria and viruses from our skin.

Measuring Biodiversity with a Pitfall Trap

Learn how to build a pitfall trap and discover how many bugs there are in a given outdoor space.

Acid or Base? Use an Indicator!

Grab a cabbage and see how different chemicals react to it—indicating if they are an acid, a base, or a neutral!

Making Flubber

Learn how to mix, pour, squish, and play with this childhood classic: FLUBBER!

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