How did Autodesk help us bring UN goals to life?


How do you create an exhibit that inspires visitors to solve global problems? Create a design challenge that helps them think locally.

When you walk into the Center for Innovation at OMSI’s Turbine Hall, you’re one step closer to helping reach the United Nations’ (UN) Global Goals to build a greener, fairer, better world. Here, our Innovation Stations give visitors the opportunity to take the UN goals for a test run — and partners like Autodesk are making it all possible.

When Autodesk teamed up with OMSI to sponsor a design challenge for the Center for Innovation, our community partners offered us a simple prompt: We need to learn how to communicate better with our neighbors. This way, we’re ready to work together as we face challenges like climate change and natural disasters.

Autodesk showed up for our community in a big way, both by funding the exhibit and by donating their Tinkercad software and their staff’s expertise. The Autodesk team worked closely with ours, participating in workshops and iterating on prototypes with OMSI educators and community partners. 

Together, we came up with an interactive, immersive challenge centered around one question: How would you design a space where you and your friends can hang out together and communicate better? It may sound like a small act, but it gets visitors thinking about what it takes to build connections that are critical to reaching the Global Goals.

“We have a shared mission with OMSI to develop the next generation of innovators,” said Greg Fallon, vice president, strategy & marketing – design & manufacturing at Autodesk. “When kids get a taste for design and technology, they feel inspired to participate and have the confidence to succeed.”

Through this installation, Autodesk’s brand receives exposure with hundreds of thousands of visitors interacting with their products while helping OMSI bring innovative science education to children and families every day. It’s a win for our partners, our community, and our planet.

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