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OMSI education reaches far beyond museum walls. Head to Hillsboro with us to see how we’re bringing hands-on science straight to local schools. think locally.

How do you keep kids engaged with science? Bring science to them. OMSI teamed up with the Hillsboro School District starting in the summer of 2021 to deliver hands-on science learning right to their classrooms through after school programs, science festivals, and more. 

Among the schools we worked with was Witch Hazel Elementary — the largest Title I school in Hillsboro, where the majority of students are engaged in a dual-language Spanish and English program. We partnered with them to tailor programming that meets their students right where they are.

“To have OMSI here felt like a reward for the kids after a really, really challenging year,” says Witch Hazel principal Christy Walters. “It engages students who don’t always get to participate in [these types of] activities because they may not have access to it.”

Our team brought some of our favorite activities to Witch Hazel, from building robots with Legos to mixing up slimy concoctions with Cowabunga Chemistry. 

“It was just straight to the projects,” says Oliver, a Witch Hazel student who participated in OMSI programming with his sisters. “I really like that.”

“He would come home and show me things he learned,” says Oliver’s father, Miguel. “Then he would continue researching online.”

“We feel really happy when we’re at the dinner table and they’re sharing what they’ve created,” says Oliver’s mom, Caritina. “It’s really impressive all they learn.”

Our work with Hillsboro is teaching us a lot about how we can work with school districts to bring the fun, joy and enthusiasm kids know and love at OMSI directly to their classrooms. We hope it’s only the beginning.

“I feel like every parent would love it if their child can learn as much as possible,” says Miguel. “Attending OMSI programs opens a lot of doors for them.”

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