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Outdoor Science School at Meriwether - 3 Days

Outdoor Science School
Type & Format
3 days
Grade Level
Earth + Space, Life

Only available Spring

Experience a unique, hands-on learning opportunity! OMSI operates outdoor school at three regional sites: The Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray and Hancock Field Station in the spring and fall, and Camp Meriwether in the spring. Groups provide transportation to and from site, chaperones at a one-to-eight ratio, and lunch for the first day. OMSI provides varied curricula for grades K-12, presented by professional educators in outdoor environments, homemade meals, and comfortable accommodations for overnight groups. Groups can choose between day trips and overnight programs ranging from one to five days.

Students are led by professional OMSI educators, in groups of 15, on Field Study lessons and Interest Group activities where they get up-close and personal with your customized topics. In between, there is time for rest and relaxation in cabins, and free-play recreation time. Days are packed full, from an optional walk before breakfast to an Evening Program and campfire after dinner. They walk away with hands-on experience with the science concepts of your choice, as well as the memories of exploring with their peers and their parents in the outdoors.

Camp Meriwether is located on the scenic Oregon Coast, just south of the classic city of Tillamook. Camp Meriwether has been designed and preserved to help students develop a love and respect for nature and the world around them. With full beach access, just a short walk from the cabins, students can explore sand dunes, the coastal forest, tide pools, as well as the freshwater ecosystem of Chamberlain Lake. OMSI's one-of-a-kind outdoor education programs are tailored to your teaching goals and student interests, fully immersing students in the outdoors, and creating lasting memories.

OMSI program staff will work with you to create an experience tailored to your students' interests and your teaching goals. Curriculum offerings include:

Deep Dives (3 Hours):
Mammal Adaptations
Squid Dissection and Scientific Inquiry
Explore Oregon
Coastal Forest Ecology

Field Studies (5 Hours):
Coastal Ecology
Wind, Water and Waves
Tide Pool Ecology (limited availability based on tides)
Student-Driven Research projects

Interest Groups (90 Minutes):
Save the Day
Team Challenge
Weather and Climate
Early Oregon Skills
Insects and Aquatics

Evening Programs:
Environmental Forum
Night Hike
Shark Trivia
Eco Jeopardy


*Cost is per person and includes one OMSI educator for every 15 students, program coordination, lodging, meals, pre- and post-materials, and field study equipment. Groups provide transportation, chaperones at a 1:8 ratio and lunch on the first day. Ask us about 2-day, 4-day or single-day program options and pricing.


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OMSI Supports educators in fulfilling NGSS requirements by providing corresponding programming, opportunities, and resources for them and their students. To learn more about specific ways in which OMSI programs align with and fulfill science standards reach out to the Inbound Sales team at 503-797-4661.