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Earth Science Lab: Climate and Carbon

Field Trip @ OMSI
Type & Format
1 hr
Grade Level
Earth + Space

This program must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Has our climate always been like this? How is climate different than weather? What is carbon dioxide? Students find answers to these questions while looking at the scientific evidence behind climate change.

This program takes place in the Watershed Lab in the Earth Science Exhibit Hall. Combine this program with a field trip to the museum.

A minimum of 2 weeks' advance notice is required for all registration requests. If you have questions, please contact us at 503.797.4661 or



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Standards Addressed

Interaction and Change:
5.2E.1 - Explain how the energy from the sun affects Earth’s weather and climate.
7.2E.1 - Describe and evaluate the environmental and societal effects of obtaining, using, and managing waste of renewable and non-renewable resources.
7.2E.2 - Describe the composition of Earth’s atmosphere, how it has changed over time, and implications for the future.
7.2E.3 - Evaluate natural processes and human activities that affect global environmental change and suggest and evaluate possible solutions to problems.
8.2E.4 - Analyze evidence for geologic, climatic, environmental, and life form changes over time.

Scientific Inquiry:
3.3S.2 - Use the data collected from a scientific investigation to explain the results and draw conclusions.
4.3S.2 - Summarize the results from a scientific investigation and use the results to respond to the question being tested.
5.3S.2 - Identify patterns in data that support a reasonable explanation for the results of an investigation or experiment and communicate findings using graphs, charts, maps, models, and oral and written reports.
6.3S.2 - Organize and display relevant data, construct an evidence-based explanation of the results of an investigation, and communicate the conclusions.