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Chemistry Assembly: Lights, Camera, Reaction!

Field Trip @ OMSI
Type & Format
1 hr
Grade Level
Physical, Early Childhood
School Year

Chaperones and teachers free

This program must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

This show has it all—solutions that instantly change color, giant piles of foam, great balls of fire and more! Your students will see a variety of types of chemical reactions and learn how to recognize when chemical reactions are happening.

OMSI’s stage programs bring concepts to life with thought-provoking demonstrations and audience participation. While the minimum number is 60 students, smaller groups are welcome to register for programs reserved by another group or pay the $180 minimum.

This program takes place in the OMSI Auditorium. Combine this program with a field trip to the museum.

A minimum of 2 weeks' advance notice is required for all registration requests. If you have questions, please contact us at 503.797.4661 or



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Standards Addressed

Structure and Function:
1.1P.1 - Compare and contrast physical properties and composition of objects.
3.1P.1 - Compare and contrast the properties of states of matter.
6.1P.1 - Describe physical and chemical properties of matter and how they can be measured.
7.1P.1 - Explain that all matter is made of atoms, elements are composed of a single kind of atom, and compounds are composed of two or more different elements.

Interaction and Change:
4.2P.1 - Describe physical changes in matter and explain how they occur.

Scientific Inquiry:
K.3S.1 - Explore questions about living and non-living things and events in the natural world.
K.3S.2 - Make observations about the natural world.
2.3S.2 - Make predictions about living and non-living things and events in the environment based on observed patterns.
3.3S.3 - Explain why when a scientific investigation is repeated, similar results are expected.