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Fast Facts


Animationland visitors learn how to incorporate animation skills into the creation process through hands-on interactives and discover an exciting, dynamic way to tell their own stories.

Square Footage 
2,500 sq. ft.
Immersive Experiences
Problem Solving

$45,000/3 months, plus shipping


Tracey the pencil dog and her crew—Rooth, Drop, Inky, Uno, and Kari—guide visitors through the basics of turning a story into an animation.


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The Big Idea

I can create animation to tell my stories.

The Approach

A bright, irresistable entryway welcomes visitors into an animation studio with work tables, sketches, and inspiration everywhere! Visitors are invited to experiment at light tables by tracing and sketching Animationland characters and creating anything they can dream up.

They’ll become oriented to the world of storytelling through animation while learning about how animation works, the basics of the animation process, and getting to know our playful, easy-to-draw Animationland mascots.

After spending time in the studio and gaining foundational knowledge about how animation works, visitors venture out into a fantastical land – a lot like our natural world, but more magical! – where the funny, endearing characters they drew in the studio come to life through exhibit graphics and original animated shorts.

From electronic interfaces through a full-body opportunity to plan and star in a stop-motion production, Animationland includes a wide range of interactive experiences. Environmental elements provide an immersive setting to inspire all visitors to learn the art and science of animation.

Animation concepts and character development created in partnership with Jolby & Friends.


3D Model of the Exhibit

Virtual Tour

Animationland is an exciting hands-on exhbit that immerses guests in a cartoon world that explores the art & science of animation.

Sketch the lovable characters that live in Animationland or create original characters to tell your own story with animation. 

Picture after Picture interactive, mutoscope & Prickle Desert photo op

Full-body stop-motion and Forgotten Forest stop-motion animation stations

Share Your Creations

Entry Panels

Create a Storyboard interactive

Picture after Picture interactive

Be a Foley Artist interactive

Be a Foley Artist props

Be a Foley Artist props and animation screen

Character Creation light table

Character Creation recessed supply trays

Animationland map!

Blub Glub Village stop-motion animation station

Prickle Desert stop-motion animation station

Comfort Peaks photo op

Forgotten Forest stop-motion animation station

Comfort Peaks stop-motion animation station

Plan and pose full-body stop-motion animation station


Cade Museum | Gainesville, FL

Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia | Beckley, WV

Youth Museum of Southern West Virginia | Beckley, WV

Refurb @ OMSI 


Children's Museum of Atlanta | Georgia



School Resources

Education Guide

A collection of PDFs and guides for museum staff and teachers to expand on the educational content of Animationland, including in-classroom experiments and activities for your museum floor.

Museum Resources

Exhibit Fact Sheet

A printable fact sheet about Animationland to share with your team.

Exhibit Floor Plan

This sample floor plan gives you an idea of how Animationland will look in your gallery space.

Media Resources

Marketing Kit

All the logos, images, and assets you need to properly market Animationland, promote sponsors, and get guests excited about their visit!

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