Raw footage from a DOT advisor meeting

(Jan 2021)

This excerpt is from the research portion of a meeting with DOT project advisors. The discussion in this clip focuses on practices found in the C-PIECE framework (referred to in this video by its previous name, the GOAL Framework).

In attendance:


Amparo Leyman Pino
Christine Cunningham
Isabel Hawkins
Paul Martin
Peggy Monahan

External Evaluator

Claire Quimby


Ben Olson
Carla Herran
Catherine Diaz
Chris Cardiel
Daniel Guyton
Dave Laubenthal
Donna DiBartolomeo
Haleigh Wojciechowski
Holly Hawk
Imme Huttmann
Kim Deras
Marcie Benne
Maritza Arango
Scott Randol
Todd Shagott
Verónika Nunez