OMSI's brand evolves with an eye toward the future

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A refreshed brand allows us to express our uniqueness and empower visitors near and far to explore and discover.

From the beginning, the idea of OMSI has inspired curiosity in generations of children and adults, and nurtured deep partnerships across the Northwest.

As we continue to grow and evolve with our partners and communities, we have even more opportunity to share our story, to connect with one another, and deepen the understanding of who we are and who we aspire to be. We are proud to launch a new brand identity to help foster that transformation into the future, one that will evolve over time and create a deeper sense of inclusivity and accessibility, playfulness and dynamism. A brand that reflects the OMSI of today while positioning us for the future.   

With our ambitious 20-year vision, our commitment to anti-racism, multiculturalism and inclusion, and our expanding regional programming, our brand positioning reiterates the fact that OMSI is more than a museum and sets the stage for our continued way forward.

So if things look a little different –more colorful, more vibrant, more dynamic – rest assured it’s the same OMSI you know preparing for an even brighter path ahead.

OMSI Manifesto

OMSI’s Manifesto

We are an idea turned into action, insisting that curiosity brings us together and knowledge and power belong to us all.


We strive to deliver meaningful outcomes towards equity in education and foster a more equitable future.


We work to empower the invisible and are committed to creating spaces where all members of our community feel welcomed, respected and galvanized. Ultimately, we believe our collective potential can be unlocked when curiosity, learning and community unite. Our differences are what makes us outstanding, and we celebrate those who dare to question: the explorers, the tinkerers, the storytellers, and the innovators.

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