Designing Our Tomorrow

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Designing Our Tomorrow is a traveling exhibit that will engage visitors in compelling design challenges presented through the lens of biomimicry. Sustainable design lessons learned from nature!

Square Footage 
2,000 sq ft
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving



- Design challenges based in biomimcry

- Hands-on science and engineering interactives

- Bilingual English/Spanish

- Intergenerational play

- Programming resources for educators

- Professional development modules and host-site workshops

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Designing Our Tomorrow: Mobilizing the Next Generation of Engineers seeks to broaden participation in engineering and build capacity within the informal STEM education (ISE) field while raising public awareness of the importance of sustainable engineering design practices. OMSI will collaborate with the Biomimicry Institute, Adelante Mujeres, and the Fleet Science Center.

A Youth Advisory Panel comprised primarily of Latina girls aged 9–14 will include target audience perspectives in the exhibit development process.

The Designing Our Tomorrow project will also include the development of a framework for creating exhibit-based engineering design challenges and expand an existing model of facilitation for use in engineering exhibits. The project is co-developed with culturally responsive strategies to ensure the inclusion and influence of families from Latino communities.          

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