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Current Internship Opportunities

Forget making coffee and running errands. Our internships are built with you and your professional goals in mind. Our program is competitive, but we’re eager to hear from you. Internships are unpaid and are typically a twelve-week commitment.

Hoping to get credit? Contact your advisor or department chair to inquire about your school's policy and procedures for awarding credit for internships.

Featured Exhibit Internship

Museum Education interns are in the halls and labs of OMSI where they facilitate hands-on science experiences. Interns inspire museum guests to make amazing connections with science through activities, demonstrations, and informal interactions. Interns assist Museum Education staff in the regular presentation and development of the museum halls and labs. 

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Work-study Program

Were you awarded a federal work-study award in your financial aid package?

OMSI is partnered with numerous colleges and universities in the Portland metropolitan area and beyond. Check if your school is one of OMSI’s current partners! We have a wide-range of work-study opportunities serving students with professional and impactful avenues to engage in experiential and community-based learning.

Our Partners

  • Portland State University

  • Reed College

  • Lewis & Clark College

  • Portland Community College

  • Mount Hood Community College

  • University of Portland


Our work-study students engage the museum in a diverse set of ways; check out our opportunities in our seven departments which offer transformational engagement experiences to students – giving back to the community. OMSI can provide a positive and engaging avenue to your education and career development. The avenues are limitless!


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Current Work-study Opportunities

Center for Innovation - Work-study

OMSI’s Center for Innovation (C4I) is an educational development group committed to revolutionizing science learning through new programming, experiences, and spaces that empower and engage youth through hands-on STEAM learning opportunities. 

As a work-study student in this area, you will primarily facilitate hands-on Design Challenges with visitors of all ages. You may also participate in helping to design, develop, test, and evaluate activities and experiences. This position is for the Center for Innovation (C4I) and reports to the Turbine Hall Assistant Manager.

Chemistry Lab - Work-study

OMSI’s Chemistry Lab is the first hands-on wet chemistry lab experience in a science museum in the nation. Visitors to the lab put on goggles and explore a variety of phenomena in chemistry using actual chemistry tools and chemicals. Topics change weekly, ensuring a dynamic experience for staff and guests alike!

This work-study position is for the Chemistry Lab and reports to the Chemistry Educator and/or Turbine Hall Assistant Manager.

Climate Awareness Coordinator - Work-study

The Climate Awareness Coordinator (CAC) will support the work of the Climate Action Group coordinating museum-wide climate change activities in partnership with community organizations. This position will assist with researching best practices for climate education, developing community partnerships, and planning of high impact events.

Early Childhood Engagement - Work-study

The Science Playground and Discovery Lab are OMSI's areas where young children ages 0-6 learn and explore in fun, developmentally appropriate settings.  The Early Childhood Education Work-study Student assists Early Childhood Engagement staff in maintaining physical spaces, supporting parents and children while they experience activities and exhibits, and ensuring the safety of our youngest visitors and their families.

This position is for the Early Childhood Engagement program and reports to the Early Childhood Engagement Educator and/or Coordinator.

Earth Sciences - Work-study

Earth Science focuses on how earth systems and humans affect each other. Visitors explore topics that include climate change, renewable energy, watersheds, plate tectonics, and paleontology. The hall includes the Earth and Paleontology Labs, and a Science on a Sphere (SOS) exhibit.  SOS is a six-foot diameter globe with data visualizations projected on it.

This Earth Sciences Work-study will assist the Coordinator with teaching classes, interacting with visitors in an informal education environment, and project work involving climate change research and developing climate change demonstrations.

Featured Exhibit Educator - Work-study

The Featured Exhibit Work-study position has three main roles: (1) facilitate visitor learning experiences with informal interactions, demonstrations, and activities, (2) assist and work alongside volunteers in the exhibit and (3) provide customer service. At the supervisor’s discretion, some of the student’s time may also be spent on special projects.

The upcoming featured exhibit, Exquisite Creatures, will be on view October 5, 2019 – February 17, 2020.

Life Sciences Educator - Work-study

Visitors to the Life Science Lab explore concepts such as ecology, anatomy, animal biology and more. With living collections such as snakes, rats and insects, guests of the life science lab can view these animals in a safe learning environment. Also with activities such as microscope exploration, DNA extraction and owl pellet dissections, this lab offers facilitated hands-on learning of Biology.

The Life Sciences work-study position has two main roles: (1) assist the Life Sciences Coordinator in class type programs for grades K-12, and (2) assist with maintenance of the lab, including animal husbandry.

Physics Lab Educator - Work-study

The Physics Lab invites students to explore and teach physical science through hands-on interactive exhibits and demonstrations in the Physics Lab and Turbine Hall. Visitors to the Physics Lab explore concepts such as electricity, magnetism, optics, sound and more. Home to some of OMSI’s longtime favorite activities like the one-of-a-kind hand cranked Van de Graaff generator, the Physics Lab is growing to include a 3-D printer, and new activities to go along with the classics!

The Physics Lab Educator Work-Study position has two roles: (1) to facilitate visitor learning experiences with informal interactions, demonstrations, and lab activities and (2) to assist with maintenance and daily operations of the labs. 

Science Communication Assistant - Work-study*

The Science Communication Assistant will support the Science Communication Events Lead in pre-, post-, and day-of Meet a Scientist event coordination, working with OMSI’s Science Communication Fellows and internal OMSI departments to ensure a positive experience for museum visitors and Fellows. 

*Please note that this work-study position is only available to Reed College, Portland State University, and University of Portland students at this time. 

Teen Science Alliance Assistant - Work-study*

This position is for the Teen Science Alliance and reports to the Assistant Manager of Teen and Adult Engagement. The Teen Science Alliance is OMSI’s guided volunteering program for 14-18 year olds. It focuses on developing social, communication and problem solving skills with real life context and exposure to a professional climate.

Teen volunteers present interactive demonstrations on the museum floor, as well as hone leadership, communication, and workplace skills.


*Please note that this work-study position is only available to Reed College, Portland State University, and University of Portland students at this time. 

Volunteer Engagement Specialist - Work-study*

The Volunteer Engagement Specialist assists with the planning of events, coordination of support and implementation of policies relating to OMSI’s volunteers. They will support facilitation and evaluation of professional development trainings and community-building activities. This position is for the Volunteer Engagement Program and reports to the Volunteer Engagement Coordinators.


*Please note that this work-study position is only available to Reed College, Portland State University, and University of Portland students at this time.