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Science Playground

Designed for Ages 0 - 6
Free with Museum Admission

Little bodies, big ideas

Play is everywhere! In this Hall young scientist build skills like asking questions, experimenting, taking risks, and sharing ideas with others. Each area is designed for children ages birth through 6 and their families to practice science skills. Explore water, enjoy an area just right for infants, climb high and more. Visit the Discovery Lab to participate in hands-on projects and explore themed boxes.


Science Playground is often at capacity. Expect wait times.

Water area.

More than just splishing and splashing, this zone has chances to build with DUPLO, crank on water vortexes, and experiment with flow.

Animal Secrets.

Zany critters and elaborate details bring this wooded scene to life. Have fun stashing acorns away for the winter and playing in the deep dark cave. The dramatic fun continues when the costumes come out!

Climb high.

Get up high for a whole new perspective on Science Playground. With multiple entries, a variety of paths, and unique lookout, the climber offers endless possibilities.

Infant and crawlers zone.

Enjoy our infants-only area to connect with your baby. Pulling up, scooting around, and crawling about are all the rage in this enclosed space. Don’t miss the fish!

Exclusive Member Hours

Join us for early museum access every Wednesday starting at 9am! OMSI members can enjoy extra time to explore Science Playground and Turbine Hall. We can’t wait to see you!

Baby in red OMSI onesie playing in the Science Playground

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers! Explore frequently asked questions. For more information please contact us at Info@OMSI.edu or (503) 797-4000.

What ages are allowed in Science Playground?

Science Playground is for children ages birth-6 and their families, and for school groups of preschool- and kindergarten-aged children.

Can I bring my stroller?

We ask you to park your stroller right outside of Science Playground. If your child has medical need of the stroller, you are welcome to bring them inside the Playground in the stroller. Strollers are typically welcome in all other areas of the museum. Please connect with a staff member with other questions about strollers.

What amenities are available in Science Playground?

Science playground has many amenities available, including:

  • Family and ADA accessible restrooms
  • Quiet/nursing room
  • Snack area
  • Water fountains and bottle refilling stations
  • Extra diapers and wipes

Please let a staff member know if you need additional support during your visit.

Are school groups allowed in Science Playground?

Pre-school and kindergarten age school groups are encouraged to make a reservation in Science Playground during the field trip booking process. Every member of the school group must be in Pre-school and/or kindergarten.

When is Science Playground open?

Science Playground is open every day that OMSI is open. Capacity is currently limited in Science Playground. Weekday afternoons are usually the quietest times to visit.

Are older kids allowed in Science Playground?

Children ages 7+ are welcome in with a family member 6 years old or younger.

Visiting Soon?

OMSI is committed to making science-fueled fun available for all in our community. We are proud to offer admission assistance, financial aid, and accessible services throughout the museum. Explore access resources and amenities for guests visiting the museum.

Two students running chemistry experiments.

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