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Explore Astrobiology

Life on Other Planets!

Life exists in some surprising places! Motivated by the increasing number of known Earth-sized
planets, scientists are turning their attention to those distant worlds to look for life. In this lab,
students will learn about the missions to search for life in the solar system and beyond and discuss
some of the extreme environments where life is found on Earth. Activities include exploring the
characteristics of life, hands-on experiments based on actual Mars missions, and modeling the
habitable zone where liquid water can exist.

This lab takes place inside the Kendall Planetarium and utilizes the dome screen to go along with the OMSI educator’s presentation.

This program is specifically designed for grades 3 through 8.

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Booking + Program Logistics

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Program Capacity

This program has capacity for 8-16 students per session, up to 2 sessions per day on select weekdays.

Scheduling Requirements

Programs must be scheduled with at least two weeks’ advance notice. Spots are limited so reaching out further in advance will increase the likelihood of reserving the lab and date you are interested in.

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