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Teen Science Alliance

Take on science like never before.

Become a member of the Teen Science Alliance to solve creative design challenges, get a backstage look at museum education, and build skills perfect for your next step. 

How does it work?

Not your run-of-the-mill after school club, the Teen Science Alliance is a team of science-loving teens who take on real-world problems and work today to find creative, science-based solutions. With three sessions you can graduate up levels at your own pace while building skills to brag to future schools and employers about.

Tier 1: Thinkineers work in small teams to learn about the design process and solve everyday problems together. 

Tier 2: The Science Squad volunteers on the museum floor facilitating hands-in science activities for visitors of all ages. 

Tier 3: Apprentices build on their previous experiences in the museum, from volunteering on the museum floor, to mentor incoming Teens to working behind the scenes.

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When does the Teen Science Alliance happen?

We know your schedule is already packed, so we make this easy. There are three entry points every year: fall, winter, and summer. Each session ranges from 8-12 weeks long. You can apply at any time, and if you need to take a season off to make room for your other activities, you can pick up the next level when you’re ready.

Current Program

Three teenagers working on an electronics project

Thinkineers - Electronic Textiles

It's electric! It's fashion! Thinkineers learn about Design, Electricity, and Coding. Then we apply the knowledge and skills gained to create wearable electronics.

Topics Covered

  • Electronics
  • Design
  • Coding

Program Focus

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving
How do I Join?

It’s simple. Provide a complete application and two references. Eligible candidates will complete an interview process shortly after the published application deadline. There is a program fee of $300 for joining the program.
Financial aid is available through a separate application. 
Contact Michael Wilson at for more details.

Application Requirements

Before you fill out the application, here's what you will need to get started:

  • An email address where you can receive all correspondence from OMSI.
  • The email address and phone number of a parent or guardian.
  • Your projected high school graduation date (month/year).
  • Identify two teachers or adult mentors who can provide references for you (reference link will be provided upon completion of application).
Tips for making a good application great.
  • Type all of your essay responses into a separate document (such as a Word file), making sure to correct spelling and grammatical errors before pasting into the application.
  • Include how your interest in the Teen Science Alliance is unique! Tell us something meaningful about yourself.

Application Deadlines
  • Application Open: July - September
  • Applicants Contacted: September
  • Program Begins: October
  • Program Ends: December
  • Application Open: November-January
  • Applicants Contacted: January
  • Program Begins: February
  • Program Ends: April
  • Application Open: April-June
  • Applicants Contacted: June
  • Program Begins: July (Session 1) | August (Session 2)
Tier 1: Thinkineers

Work in small teams to learn about the design process and solve everyday problems together. Visit area businesses and meet with people working in the community. Hone presentation and public speaking skills.

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