OMSI + The Fab Lab

BIG news – The Fab Lab is coming to OMSI!

“Crazy Aunt Lindsey” aka the fabulous Lindsey Murphy partnered with OMSI to create a 4-part video series exploring some of our favorite scientific concepts. Join us as we dive into astronomy, zoology, chemistry, and biology through fun experiments with items you can find at home.

Meet Crazy Aunt Lindsey!

Crazy Aunt Lindsey is on a mission to bring accessibility, inclusivity, and representation to STEM. Explore with Aunt Lindsey and The Fab Lab, one of YouTube’s most beloved, longest running kids science webseries!

Episode 1: Slumber Party!

Check out The Fab Lab at OMSI, Episode 1: Slumber Party! In this premiere episode, we’ll be gazing at the stars and exploring astronomy. Science is subject to change (just look at Pluto) but one thing is consistent – this is a campout like nothing you’ve seen before!

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Ready to plan your own midnight picnic? Ever wonder if stars really twinkle? Check out OMSI’s Science at Home videos and experiments to learn more about astronomy!

Episode 2: Pet Shop!

Wag your tails everybody because The Fab Lab at OMSI, Episode 2: Pet Shop is now available! This week we’re talking zoology and diving into the animal kingdom. Get ready to give your pets some love? Hypothesis: Cute. Results: Absolutely.

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So, who would win in a race? You or your dog? Ever wonder why predators are so cute and so dangerous? Check out OMSI’s Science at Home videos and experiments to learn more about the animals in our lives!

What’s Your Pet’s Favorite Sound?

Episode 3: Tea Party!

Amino acids. Alkaloids. Enzymes. Struggling to see the connection? Let us read the tea leaves. Literally! In this episode of The Fab Lab at OMSI, we’re hosting a tea party to talk about all things chemistry.

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Bubbles – Science in Simplicity

Episode 4: Cookout!


Coming Soon- June 9!

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This project is made possible by a grant from the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation.