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Hidden Pacific

Enhance your field trip experience with a documentary film!

Located in the far reaches of the Pacific Ocean are an array of extraordinary blue-green islands, atolls, and coral reefs that thrive with a dizzying variety of wildlife and tropical beauty. Largely untouched by humans and currently protected as marine national monuments, these remote ecosystems play a critical role in confronting mounting environmental threats. Produced in cooperation with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and affiliated organizations, Hidden Pacific features Palmyra Atoll, within the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument; Midway Atoll, part of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument; and Rose Atoll Marine National Monument in America Samoa. The film includes never-before-seen footage of these remarkable places, sharing the splendor of their pristine environments and their important role in safeguarding our planet.

This film is recommended for grades 3 through Adult. Actual film length 40 minutes. Schools should allocate at least 60 minutes to arrive to/depart from theater.

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Booking + Program Logistics

Have questions? We have answers! Explore frequently asked questions. For more information please contact us at Register@OMSI.edu or (503) 797-4661.

What amenities and accessibility features are available in the Empirical Theater?

 The Empirical Theater has an upper-level wheelchair accessible entrance and theater restrooms; due to the layout of the theater the lower-level main entrance is only accessible by stairs. Please check in with a Guest Services Representative or volunteer for assistance in locating these areas.

Several daytime documentaries and newer evening full-features offer closed captions, audio description, and volume amplification. The CaptiView closed caption units allow guests to see captions for their show by using a cup holder device that they can adjust within their view, and the Fidelio RX audio description units deliver descriptive narration and can also amplify the theater volume and dialogue.

The Showing Today signs updated daily at the front desk and theater entrance indicate which features offer closed captions (CC) and audio description (AD), while volume amplification is available for all theater content including events such as Science Pub and Reel Science.

Limited quantities of the following devices are available for theater guests and may be requested at either the Front Desk or Concierge Desk as well as from the theater usher:

  • CaptiView closed caption (CC) viewing devices
  • Fidelio RX audio description and volume amplification units
  • Williams Sound NKL-001 neck loops designed to work with hearing aids equipped with a telephone coil or T-Switch

The rough inside measurements of the seats not including arm and back rests:

  • Theater seats 16.5” wide and 21.5” deep
  • Two VIP chairs 21.5” wide and 19” deep
  • Additional VIP chair available by request is 23.5” wide and 21.5” deep
  • The weight capacity for the VIP chairs are between 200lbs-250lbs

Earplugs can be requested from the Front Desk and Concierge Desk, and sensory resource packs that include:

  • Noise reducing headphones
  • Fidget toys
  • Sunglasses
  • Visual and auditory timer
  • 2 pound weighted shoulder wrap
  • Sanitizing wipes
When should I arrive?

Films in the Empirical Theater start promptly with no previews. Be sure to arrive 10-15 minutes early.

Is re-entry allowed?

For safety and enhanced viewing experience, re-entry is not allowed during documentary films.

How do I reserve a documentary film for my school group?

OMSI requires at least 2-weeks notice for scheduling a special documentary film time for a group visit. The easiest way to set up a documentary film as part of a field trip is using our online request form. Group leaders may also request a film title with our registration office at register@omsi.edu or 503.797.4661.

What is the minimum/ maximum group size for a documentary film field trip group rate?

Organizations need at least 12 participants to request a documentary film group rate. Group 

size maximum is 255 participants. Special showtimes must be requested at least 2-weeks in advance.

Can I reserve a private documentary film for my school group?

Once an organization sets up a documentary film with the registration office and your tickets are reserved the remainder of the tickets will be open to the public. Your group may be combined with other film attendees. To inquire about a private showing please contact the registration office.

Can I get a group rate for an evening / major motion picture showtime?

No. OMSI does not offer field trip discounts or advanced ticket rates for evening or major motion picture films.

Is food allowed during documentary films?

Yes. snacks are allowed during the films. Schools may also coordinate with the registration office to eat lunch in the film. Please let the registration office know if you plan on eating during the film so we can arrange additional bins and clean up support.

What if the school group is late to the documentary film?

OMSI will wait until 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. Then, the show must continue to stay on schedule for the day. Registration will try to work with you on tickets for a different film title later in the day but rescheduling is not guaranteed. We are unable to change the set film schedule. Refunds are not available.

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