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OMSI Summer Science and Adventure Camps mimic the traditional camp experience with themes of science and adventure woven throughout.  Summer camp at OMSI is a remarkable blend of community and science, where campers make life-long friends and have unforgettable experiences.  We are a safe and inclusive program for everyone, where people of all ages can learn and grow. If you are signed up for a OMSI backpacking camp, this page is for you!

You Are Welcome Here

OMSI respects, values and celebrates the unique attributes, characteristics and perspectives that make each person who they are. We believe that we will be successful in accomplishing our mission and vision when we seek out and respond to diversity of participation, thought and action. We will work to dismantle barriers to equity and access to the experiences OMSI provides and to create welcoming environments and conditions where all people can reach their full potential. We lead with race.

In keeping with this opening line of OMSI’s equity statement, OMSI Outdoors uses and supports inclusive pronouns. OMSI Outdoors staff will introduce themselves using their pronouns (they, she, he, etc.) and will invite all participants to do the same. OMSI’s goal is for every student to have an opportunity to be true to themselves.

Backpacking FAQ

We are eager to answer your questions! Here are a few very common questions. Keep scrolling to find links to facility information with photos, and more specific information in the FAQ’s below.

What tent will my camper be in?

OMSI will provide 4-person tents for the trip. Typically our program staff assign tents based on gender identity and age.  If your camper is attending with a friend or family member and they want to be in the same tent, there’s a place to enter that info on the registration form.  You can also reach out to us and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

We recognize that sleeping and hygiene areas can present obstacles for those who do not identify within the gender binary, and we are committed to respectfully minimizing those obstacles.  Since each individual is different, please reach out if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Can my camper bring a cell phone or a tablet?

Please do not send cell phones, tablets, or other devices.  

An important part of the camp experience is for each camper to gain independence, develop greater resilience, and enjoy the unique opportunities offered by OMSI Outdoors without technological distractions.  Digital cameras are OK, however we urge you not to send anything that you cannot be replaced.  

We do not allow students to use personal electronic devices during the OMSI-led activities and programs.  Please reach out to discuss potential accommodations, as we understand that electronic devices may be part of a behavioral management plan or family emergency procedure.   

Can everyone share their pronouns?

We respect everyone’s right to self-identify, and we may invite you to share, however, it is never required. It is up to each individual what they want to disclose about themselves. We’re committed to creating and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of how they identify.

What if my camper left something behind?

Prevention is key! Please label everything your child brings, as labeling will result in fewer lost items.  OMSI is not responsible for lost articles. Any items left behind will be held at OMSI for two weeks. Call OMSI at 503-797-4000 to arrange for their return. Any unclaimed items will be donated.

Get Ready for Summer!

Follow the links below to more information about our programming

View the Camp Packets

Each packet has all the information you need to be ready for summer camp! Packing Lists, Check-in and Pick-up information, and more.

Backpacking: Teen Girls

entering 6th – 8th Grade

Monday – Friday, July 15-19, 2024

Backpacking: Three Sisters Wilderness

entering 6th – 8th Grade

Monday – Friday, July 22-26, 2024

Backpacking: Wallowas

entering 9th – 12th Grade

Monday, July 29 – Saturday, August 3, 2023

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