The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey


OMSI and The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey launch video series, The Fab Lab at OMSI!

Media Contact: Heather Wadia | C: 415-350-6856

[PORTLAND, Ore – April 13, 2023] – In an effort to increase STEAM learning opportunities to
diverse audiences across the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
(OMSI) has partnered with The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey to create new episodes of The
Fab Lab featuring OMSI science educators and fun STEAM projects kids can do at home.

The premiere episode – The Fab Lab at OMSI, Episode 1: Slumber Party! – launched today and
can be viewed on OMSI’s website and The Fab Lab’s YouTube channel. Three additional
episodes will follow over the next 8 weeks.

“This is beyond exciting and right on time,” said founder and host Lindsey Murphy, a.k.a. Crazy
Aunt Lindsey. “The world has changed so much these last few years. I hear parents and
educators grapple with how we prepare our children for the future in the face of what feels so
uncertain. It’s as if we’ve all forgotten our superpower: every single one of us creates tomorrow
together. For over a decade, The Fab Lab has demonstrated how fun and fabulous it can be to
approach science and life’s biggest questions with curiosity and in community. I believe this
generation is not just ready for, but in need of new tools, inspiration, perspective, guidance, and
permission to help reimagine so much of the world we now share. It’s up to us. The Fab Lab is a
celebration of these tools and reimagining. I’m thrilled to have OMSI celebrate with us in such a
major way. It’s huge!”

Founded in 2010, The Fab Lab is one of YouTube’s longest-running kids’ science webseries on
mission to increase accessibility, inclusivity, and representation in science, technology,
engineering, the arts, and math by turning everyday STEAM concepts into easy DIY projects and
experiments for kids.

“OMSI and The Fab Lab share a commitment of increasing STEAM learning opportunities among
diverse audiences across the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” said Alexis Baghdadi, Project
Manager at OMSI. “Not only do we share these values, but Aunt Lindsey shares our curiosity,
passion for science, and joyous love of learning. We are thrilled to partner with her and the Fab Lab
on this project and think kids, educators, and families are going to truly enjoy these highly
engaging and fun episodes!”

Together, The Fab Lab and OMSI have created a 4-part video series exploring scientific concepts
from astronomy and zoology to chemistry and biology through fun science experiments with
items families can easily find at home.

The episodes include:
● The Fab Lab at OMSI, Episode 1: Slumber Party! This premiere episode, which airs April 13,
2023, explores astronomy and reminds young explorers that space is out of this world.
● The Fab Lab at OMSI, Episode 2: Pet Shop! explores zoology and the animal kingdom.
Hypothesis: Cute. Results: Absolutely.
● Fab Lab at OMSI Episode 3: Tea Party! reminds kids that while science can seem removed
from our daily lives, it’s in everything we do. This episode explores everyday chemistry in the
kitchen – from the chemical reaction of cakes rising to amino acids, alkaloids, and enzymes.
● The Fab Lab at OMSI Episode 4: Juneteenth Celebration! While it’s important to make the
connection to slavery, the day also serves as a celebration of Black history, ancestry, and
culture. This episode introduces kids to DNA and ancestry, exploring the biological code
that holds the storyline of how we each came to be.

OMSI research shows that creating content for specific audiences traditionally underserved in
STEAM improves engagement among those audiences. Leveraging the unique insights and digital
community of The Fab Lab with the reach and experience of OMSI, this partnership creates
inclusive and culturally-specific digital learning content that will be available free to viewers on and The Fab Lab’s YouTube channel.

This partnership is generously supported by a grant from the Marie Lamfrom Charitable

“Marie Lamfrom loved supporting the imagination and creativity of young people,” shared
Rachael Sneddon, CEO of the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation. “We are so glad to
support The Fab Lab at OMSI and ensure that more and more young people have access to
engaging STEM education.”

About The Fab Lab with Crazy Aunt Lindsey
Established in 2010, The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey celebrates and reimagines science
communication and STEM education for kids age 5-12 by turning classic scientific and
mathematical concepts into interesting lessons in history, accessible recipes for adorable snacks,
cultural exploration, and social emotional learning opportunities. This award-winning web series
and website is a resource for parents and educators of youth grades K-5, offering short and long
form videos with thoughtful segments such as Kid Book Club for reading literacy, Active Hour to
encourage healthy movement, field trips to unique places to explore possibility, on-demand
printable classroom, after-school, and at home expansion curriculum, and live community
events.The Fab Lab continues the tradition of publicly funded educational children’s programming
and is supported by patrons at iFundWomen, Patreon, and, in 2023, Community Partners like the
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry with a grant by the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation
to present the 12th year of the show’s run. The Fab Lab With Crazy Aunt Lindsey is produced by
MurphMedia LCC, who makes content from the heart. See more at and on
YouTube + Instagram @TheFabLabHQ

About OMSI
Founded in 1944, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of the nation’s leading science museums and a trusted educational resource for communities throughout Oregon and the region. Through museum exhibitions, public programs, outdoor programs, traveling exhibitions, digital learning, and learning research and design, OMSI nourishes a lifelong love of science, curiosity and learning among its diverse audiences. The upcoming OMSI District – a collaboration of local, Tribal and regional government entities, nonprofits and businesses – will be a one-of-a-kind neighborhood with innovation, culture and science learning at its heart. OMSI is located at 1945 S.E. Water Avenue, Portland, OR, 97214. For general information, call 503.797.4000 or visit Connect with the museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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