The Teen Tech Center is now open!

Teen Tech Center

OMSI's Best Buy Teen Tech Center is a safe out-of-school spot where you can create alongside mentors and other teens to explore your own ideas, develop skills, and express yourself through technology. 

Come join a community of creators like you! 

Make Something!

The Teen Tech Center is a free creative and technology-focused maker space for teens ages 13-18.

Hearing the beat of a different drum? Share your songs or musical creations with new instruments, turntable and a soundbooth.

Interested in sewing and textiles? Make something material with available fabric, patterns, sewing and embroidery machines.

Love design? Create something artistic with Adobe’s Creative Suite and the 3D printer.


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Teen Tech Center Online Resources

Want to start producing before you visit the Teen Tech Center? Check out these free, online resources that you can use from wherever you are.


Questions about Teen Tech Center?
Browse our FAQ's for info on the new space.

What are the open hours?

Our summer hours are Tuesday-Friday 12:30pm-5pm & Saturday 10am-5pm.

Where is the Teen Tech Center?

The Teen Tech Center is located on the mezzanine level in OMSI's Turbine Hall.

Teens can access the Center using the south staircase, near the Chemistry Lab. Visitors using the elevator can alert staff to contact the coordinator via radio and get access from the north door.

Is museum admission required?

No, museum admission is not required to access the Teen Tech Center.

Teens that come to the museum exclusively for the Teen Tech Center can go straight there. If teens want to explore the rest of the museum, then they must purchase admission.

Who can access the Teen Tech Center?

All humans between the ages of 13–18 can come to the Teen Tech Center during open hours.

What about siblings that are not teens? Siblings and family members who are not teens cannot access the Teen Tech Center during regular hours.

What about family and/or friends that want to see a teen’s projects? The first Saturday of each month is an open house where family and friends are welcome to visit the Teen Tech Center.

On other days, youth can bring their projects out to the Center's lobby area at the top of the stairs or take their projects home with them to share with family and friends.

What types of activities are available?

Teens can work on music, photography and video, design, and sewing and textile projects at the Teen Tech Center. There are a variety of introductory and more in-depth activities available for teens, or they can self-direct an individual project. 

Staff and volunteers are on-site to support teens in their project inspiration, development, and completion.

What types of equipment are available?

For music projects, the Teen Tech Center has a recording studio with audio production software and hardware including guitars, sample pads, MIDI and regular keyboards, DJ turntables, and more.

For photography and video projects, a number of high-quality Canon cameras/lenses, lighting, microphones, and other equipment are available.

For sewing and textile projects, the Center has a dual nozzle 3D printer, a vinyl cutter, t-shirt press, sewing machine, embroidery machine, and button maker.

For design projects, the Teen Tech Center has multiple Wacom drawing tablets, the full Adobe creative suite on every computer, and other non-tech art supplies.

Can teens bring equipment out of the center?

On a case-by-case basis, teens can take equipment out of the center for projects—subject to Teen Tech Center staff approval.

Teens can also bring their own equipment into the center.

Are there classes or workshops?

Yes! There are regular workshops to introduce youth to various hardware, software, creative projects, skill sets, and more. Workshops are always free and open for teens to drop in.

Upcoming workshops will be posted on this page.

How does this relate to OMSI’s mission?

The Teen Tech Center leverages the technology and art elements of STEAM for youth who do not otherwise identify with STEAM spaces. 

By creating this space, OMSI is inspiring curiosity and encouraging experimentation so youth can self-direct their own creative technology projects.

Who do I contact with any questions/comments?

The general contact address for the Teen Tech Center is

Amber Edwards ( or 503.797.4611) is the Teen Tech Center Coordinator.
Rebecca Reilly ( or 503.797.4675) is the Center's supervisor.


OMSI is a member of The Clubhouse Network: Where Technology Meets Imagination.

The Clubhouse Network is an international community of more than 100 Clubhouses located in 19 countries, providing youth with life-changing opportunities for 25 years.

Each Clubhouse provides a creative, safe, and free out-of-school learning environment where young people from underserved communities work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.

Learn more about The Clubhouse Network >

Ready to take on science like never before?

If you are 14-18 years old, become a member of the Teen Science Alliance to solve creative design challenges, get a backstage look at museum education and build skills perfect for your next step. 

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