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The Empirical Theater

There’s something magical about a movie house. The dimming lights, the crowd’s hush, the glow of the screen. Now imagine if that magic was fueled by science, creating immersive experiences that teach, motivate and entertain. Doesn’t that sound better? It should. We have Dolby Atmos, after all. This is movie night done right.

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We want every guest to enjoy their cinematic experience at the Empirical Theater.
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Sharks, and jungles, and oceans, oh my! Watch science unfold on the largest screen in Portland.

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Movie night done right! Enjoy Hollywood favorites with food and beverages available at the Empirical Café.


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Sci-Fi Film Fest

Explore futuristic dystopias, sinister artificial intelligence, and riveting space adventures with some of science fiction’s most memorable films!

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Theater Events

Experience the silver screen like never before—whether it's tasting a cult classic or discovering the science of your favorite film from an expert!

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Host a Private Event

Book a private large-screen viewing or opt for a lecture-style presentation venue in OMSI’s top-of-the-line theater space.

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