Total Solar Eclipse: Live from Micronesia

MAR 8 | 5-6:15PM

Free Event | On Tuesday, March 8, OMSI's Kendall Planetarium will host a live webcast of the total solar eclipse which will take place over Micronesia, roughly 500 miles north of New Guinea. Hosted by the Exploratorium's webcast team who will broadcast from the coral island of Woleai, the webcast will begin at 5:00pm. Admission to the webcast is free after museum admission; seating is on a first come, first served basis.


Visible over Indonesia and parts of the Pacific Ocean, this total solar eclipse will be the only one in 2016. Follow the entire event during the 1 hour and 15 minute webcast, watching stunning real-time imagery from the four telescopes on Woleai. Near the middle of the eclipse path's center line, Woleai will see totality for 4 minutes, 3 seconds, nearly as good as it gets for any eclipse. Exploratorium scientists and educators in Micronesia will discuss what makes an eclipse; how to view one safely; and they will also introduce us to the culture and geography of Micronesia. The program will explore the science of the sun, using high-definition images and video from NASA satellites.


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Please note that webcast of the eclipse is subject to change by The Exploratorium.