Meet A Scientist: November

Meet a Scientist event image
NOV 9 | 1-4PM

Included in General Admission | Current science gets up close and personal at Meet a Scientist. This program, held on the second Saturday of the month, features local scientists who share their research and knowledge with you through hands-on activities and conversation. Meet a Scientist exclusively features professionals who are OMSI Science Communication Fellows.


November 9 Topics

Come meet Chrissy, Daniel, Ed, Sang, and Katie!

  • Explore water samples and underwater food webs
  • Play the part of a sea ice scientist and use clues from incomplete data from satellites to map the Arctic Ocean
  • Come learn what satellites can tell us about the ocean and tides
  • Find out how we detect planets that revolve around stars beyond our Sun
  • Have you ever wondered how people get cancer? Here's an interactive (and safe) way to find out!