Restoring Fish Ponds

Native Hawaiians

Kānaka Maoli

Everything that happens to the mountains above affects the land and water below. Because of this, Native Hawaiians traditionally lived in small communities called ahupuaʻa–land sections extending from mountain to ocean and including varied resources like taro fields and fish ponds. Native Hawaiians are today using traditional knowledge and science to restore parts of the ahupuaʻa. Although fish pond restoration is challenging, the work is significant for Hawaiian culture and potentially important for future sustainable food sources.

Watch how Native Hawaiians are restoring traditional fish ponds.


Traditional stories are at the heart of the Native cultures featured in Roots of Wisdom. They reflect the deep, sacred relationship that each community has with its homeland and pass along knowledge of the environment, history, social values, and spiritual beliefs, and have done so for thousands of years.

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