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Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact  is an interactive touring science exhibition focused on the global impact of snow on climate and human culture.

Square Footage 
2,500 sq. ft.
Critical Thinking
Earth and Climate Science
Immersive Experiences

$50K / 3 months + inbound shipping

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Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact provides interactive learning opportunities that increase visitors’ understanding of snow and the vital role that it plays in our global climate system and availability of water resources. Peek inside the snowpack to discover how it changes over time and the animals that make their homes there. Walk through a snowstorm to get an up close look at the crystals that make up different types of storms. Learn about climate adaptation by balancing resources and making trade-offs.

From the wonder of snowflakes to building snowpeople to unique stories from the tundra, Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact  offers learners ages 9-14 and their visitor groups the opportunity to explore all the ways this fundamental weather phenomenon impacts our lives - no matter where we live! 

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Virtual Tour

Rendering of "Making Sense of Snow Crystals" interactive

Rendering of "Making Sense of Snow Crystals" interactive

Rendering of "Making Sense of Snow Crystals" interactive

Rendering of snowpack exploraton interactive

Rendering of "Keeping Earth Cool" interactive

Rendering of "Keeping Earth Cool" interactive

Rendering of "Storing Water for Later" interactive

Rendering of full-body "Falling Snow" interactive

Rendering of snow people building interactive 

Rendering of Snow: Tiny crystals, global impact

Rendering of Snow: Tiny crystals, global impact


OMSI | Portland, OR

OMSI | Portland, OR

Fleet Science Center | San Diego, CA

Buffalo Museum of Science | NY







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Educator Guide

COMING LATE 2021 - A collection of PDFs and guides for museum staff and teachers to expand on the educational content of the exhibit, including in-classroom experiments and activities for your museum floor.

Museum Resources

Exhibit Description Fact Sheet

A downloadable fact sheet about Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact

Exhibit Floor Plan

COMING LATE 2021 - This sample floor plan gives you an idea of how Snow: Tiny Crystals, Global Impact will look in your gallery space.

Marketing Kit

COMING LATE 2021 - All the logos, images, and assets you need to properly market the exhibit, promote sponsors, and get guests excited about their visit!

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Snow: Tiny crystals, global impact is being produced and will be toured by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI). This exhibit was made possible by a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant (award number 1808749).

Snow: Tiny crystals, global impact is being produced in partnership with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.