The Man Who Fell to Earth


2019 OMSI Sci Fi Film Fest Selection

Travelling from his home planet that is gripped by a catastrophic drought, a humanoid alien named Thomas Jerome Newton comes to Earth on a mission to take water home. Using the advanced technology at his disposal to patent several inventions on Earth, Newton acquires incredible wealth as the head of a technology-based conglomerate that he intends to use to finance the construction of a space vehicle to ship water back to his planet. But Newton soon finds his true identity at risk due to the actions of an unscrupulous business colleague.


Released in 1976, The Man Who Fell to Earth was directed by Nicolas Roeg and featured David Bowie in his first starring role.  Interior scenes were shot at England's Shepperton Studios, while New Mexico was the setting for its exterior scenes. Paramount Pictures financed the film but ultimately rejected it as not being what they were sold. It subsequently received a very limited release barely covering its budget, but has since emerged as a cult classic on the strength of its surreal imagery and performances by Bowie and co-star Candy Clark as Newton’s long-suffering companion.


"The most intellectually provocative genre film of the 1970s." Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out 


Duration: 140 mins. | Rating: R

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