OMSI After Dark: Cards & Consoles

JAN. 29, 2020 | 6-10 PM

From the table to the screen and everything in between! Power up, gamers, and see how much play you can pack into one night. 


Shoot off water rockets, concoct chemical creations, and explore the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Enjoy a glass of wine while learning about robots, tornados, or fossils. Talk to a brewer about the science behind beer, or sample products from local artisans.


All that and more with OMSI After Dark, a night at the museum for the 21-and-over crowd filled with food, drink, and science fun!


Admission to our featured exhibit, Exquisite Creatures, is included with OMSI After Dark admission. 


21+ Only | IDs Required

Please check out our event FAQ page.


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Due to the popularity of this event, we strongly recommend that you purchase tickets in advance as capacity is limited and may sell out.



OMSI After Dark admission:
$8.00/OMSI Members
FREE for OMSI After Dark Access Pass Holders*


*At this time, we have discontinued the OMSI After Dark Access Pass. We will honor existing passes until they expire.


Counting Cards | There’s a chance you’ve heard of counting cards, but what’s the probability you’ve mastered the math behind it?


Drunk Goggle Gaming | Think you’re a gaming champion, greatest of them all? See if you’re still standing tall after last call!


Monty Hall Problem | Let’s make a deal! “Come on down” and find out how a simple game show can reveal statistical surprises!


The Prisoner's Dilemma | To confess, or not to confess, that is the question! Explore this classic example of game theory and see if you'll be set free!


Musical Tesla Coils | 7:00pm | Come hear your favorite video game themes played using high voltage electricity.





Indie Games on the Empirical Screen, with Ground Kontrol | 7-10pm | 



Make a Videogame! with Will Lewis | 6:45pm | Ever wanted to use your skills in art, writing, music, or programming to make a game? Are you interested in learning those skills with others? Find out how the Portland Indie Game Squad helps local students, hobbyists, and professionals collaborate to make their own tabletop and videogames.


Tools for Ideation with Marlowe Dobbe | 7:30pm | 

Learn how to train yourself to come up with new creative ideas for video game development by practicing ideation! This talk will introduce basic ideation techniques and how you can apply them to keep coming up with fresh new ideas for the fantastic worlds we make in video games.


Scoring Points: Music & Video Games with Bryan Minus | 8:00pm | The contributions of music on our entertainment experience of visual media and video games is often overlooked, but vital to our reactions and emotional investment! From choosing a musical palette based on the individual content and psychology of music to creating a cohesive immersive musical experience, Portland-based composer Bryan Minus will outline how music helps build and enhance the unique world of video games. In this lecture, Bryan will discuss his scoring process and provide examples and demonstrations from a variety of his projects.


Making Board Games Inspired by Nature with Tim Eisner & Ben Eisner | 9:00pm | Join local game designer Tim Eisner as he discusses the importance of theme in board games. This presentation will cover how using real life facts about animals and nature has helped solve design problems, mesh themes with mechanics, and create memorable games inspired by nature. Tim Eisner runs Weird City Games. His published designs include March of the Ants, Grimm Forest Aquicorn Cove, Grimm Masquerade, and his upcoming game, Canopy.


Flamebuoyant Breakdancers: Mario & Luigi | 7:15 and 8:00pm


Escapism Portland

Elysium Elixirs
GameLab Oregon

Ground Kontrol
Guardian Games
Portland Indie Game Squad
Portland Pickles
Rose City Rollers
Tinderbox Entertainment
Weird City Games


2 Towns Ciderhouse
Aidan's Atomic Pickles
Creo Chocolate
Divine Distillers
Donna's Macarons
Honybee Sparkling Lemonades & Syrups
How Sweet It Is
Nothing Bundt Cakes
peace. love. pretzels.
Sunriver Brewing
Tostado Coffee Roasters
Vagabond Brewing


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