Mysteries of Egypt

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Explore a fascinating empire and discover why Egypt's unique treasures have captivated the world for over 5,000 years. Soar over the great pyramids of Giza, float down the majestic Nile River, cross the deathly quiet Valley of the Kings, and descend into the shadowy chambers of the sacred tomb of King Tutankhamun.


Mysteries of Egypt brings to life important chapters in Egyptian history.  Reenactments take the audience back in time to the building of pyramids, the military exploits of the pharaohs and the drama of the tomb robbers. You'll see how Tutankhamun's mummy was ceremoniously prepared for burial and feel the excitement when archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1922. You'll also learn about the mummy's curse! 

Duration: 40 mins. | Rating: All Ages