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NOV 18 - FEB 19

Closes February 19

Should you always believe what you see? Can you really trust your senses? Is anything as it seems? ILLUSION offers insight into the human mind by exploring sensory deception. It combines psychology, optical illusions and scientific reasoning. Experience the way perception underpins the way we see, feel, think and understand our world --and see that what the brain perceives is often radically different from what our eyes observe. Can you control your susceptibility to iIIusion? Is there an advantage to your tendency to be deceived? Find out!


ILLUSION debuted at Trinity College’s Science Gallery in Ireland. It was created and curated by psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman, and researched by deception artist Paul Gleeson.


ILLUSION is included with general admission.


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$2 Members / $3 Non-members



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