Bug Week!

MAR 27-31, 2018 | 11AM-2PM

MAR 27 - MAR 31, 2018 | 11AM-2PM | OMSI's Life Science Lab

We are highlighting insects and their kin in the Life Science Lab during one of our busiest weeks of the year by hosting various researchers and organizations that work with bugs.  The goal is to highlight the diversity of these animals, the connection to human lives, and lesson learned from working with them.  Each day’s focus will be a different organization/theme.



  • Tuesday, March 27: Eat Bugs with Cricket Flours and OMSI Food Science Staff
    • Cricket Flours is Oregon's first edible insect company with a focus on great products and sustainable ingredients. Make sure to stop by our tables for a chance to win our Cricket Gift Basket (worth over $75) and get your FREE digital copy of our published, "Cricket Flour Cookbook: All Cricket, No BULL..."


  • Wednesday, March 28: Keep Oregon Bee Friendly with Oregon Bee Project
    • Did you know Oregon has over 500 species of bees, including four species that are actively managed in ingenious ways for crop pollination? Come and see these bees up close, learn who they are and some of the weird and wonderful features of their lives. Also learn about the Oregon Bee Project, a statewide initiative to keep Oregon bee-friendly led by Oregon State University, Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon Department of Forestry. 


  • Thursday, March 29:Mosquitos in Multnomah County!
    • Come learn more about Mosquitos with Multnomah County Vector Control. Participate in hands on activities and demonstrations for all ages! We will show you how Multnomah County Vector Specialists find, categorize and reduce mosquitos in our community. 


  • Friday, March 30: Explore the diversity of bugs from Portland Insectarium
    • The Portland Insectarium: A unique museum experience exploring the interactions between nature, culture, science and art - all through the exciting micro world of bugs! 


  • Saturday, March 31: Help Provide Habitat for Pollinators with Bee and Bloom
    • Did you know there are over 4,000 different bee species native to North America? Prior to the introduction of the European honeybee, it was these native species that were responsible for all our crop pollination, and they still play a crucial role in natural and urban ecosystems alike. Visit the Bee & Bloom station at OMSI for Bug Week 2018 to learn about the bees in your own backyard, how they live, and how they contribute to our lives.