Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family 


Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family brings cutting-edge discoveries in paleontology to OMSI on March 2.

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[PORTLAND, OR – January 30, 2024] – The most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on tyrannosaurs makes its first West Coast appearance as it opens at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) on Saturday, March 2. Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family explores the most feared and revered of all dinosaurs, bringing the latest paleontological discoveries to life and challenging preconceptions about these ferocious predators.

While the most famous of the species is the mighty T.rex, tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes and from many parts of the world. Their history dates back more than 100 million years. These various species lived in different habitats, at different times, and evolved to fill different ecological niches.

The exhibition allows visitors to investigate the tyrannosaur family in detail. Presenting specimens, casts, models and interactives, it explores the evolution of tyrannosaurs, revealing how natural selection, continental drift, and climate change facilitated their transformation from carnivores little bigger than ourselves to massive predators like T.rex.

“This is such an exciting exhibition,” shares Akiko Minaga, Vice President of Learning Experiences at OMSI. “It showcases the earth’s ancient past and incorporates the latest breakthroughs, research, and ongoing advancements in paleontology. Visitors will not only learn about tyrannosaurs but also get their own hands-on experiences of paleontology field work.”

The exhibition features rare fossil specimens, cast skeletons including that of “Scotty,” one of the most massive and complete T.rex skeletons in the world, and incredible models of feathered dinosaurs, along with cutting-edge technology with hands-on and multimedia experiences. Highlights include: 

  • Three full life-sized skeletons of a Daspletosaurus, Albertosaurs, and Lynthronax
  • An interactive augmented-reality experience where visitors can play with life-sized dinosaurs in the gallery
  • Two tyrannosaur species discovered recently in China: Dilong and Guanlong
  • Four never-before-toured T.rex fossils,  including a partial upper jaw (with teeth), juvenile femur, pubic boot, and a fused nasal  bone

“This exhibit not only demonstrates the power of the T.rex but also the incredible diversity of the full Tyrannosaurus family,” shares Andrew Haight, Director of Public Engagement of OMSI. “Visitors will learn about these fascinating creatures from paleontology’s most cutting-edge discoveries while interacting with the hands-on exhibit elements.”

The exhibition, created by the Australian Museum, has been shown in Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and Canada and is now touring the United States. The exhibition in Portland features recently added tyrannosaur discoveries, including the oldest feathery relatives of the T. rex.  

Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family opens Saturday, March 2 and runs through September 8. The exhibition is included with the cost of museum admission. Learn more at https://omsi.edu/exhibits/tyrannosaurs-meet-the-family.

Tickets & Pricing

Museum Admission, including access to Tyrannosaurs: Meet the Family: Adult $19, Youth (ages 3-13) $14, Senior (age 63+) $16. Guests can purchase tickets at omsi.edu.

The exhibit is free for OMSI Members. Learn more about membership at omsi.edu/membership.

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