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What does it really mean for seafood to be sustainable, and how is sustainability achieved?

This summer OMSI welcomes the arrival of a new Innovation Station experience in OMSI’s Turbine Hall that will engage visitors in seeking answers to this question through the lens of the UN Global Goals, a plan agreed upon by all world leaders to build a greener, fairer world by 2030.

Sustainable Fishing explores Global Goal #14: Life Below Water and highlights issues surrounding the marine fishing industry. It asks museum guests to weigh the pros and cons of fishing methods, reimagine uses for discarded fishing gear, practice making sustainable seafood choices, and create devices to prevent fish from getting caught in shrimp trawl nets. Along the way they’ll learn about Oregon’s leadership in sustainable marine fishing and choices they as individuals can make in their local communities to contribute to the ‘net’ positive outcome of this Global Goal.

The ideation and execution of Sustainable Fishing was made possible by Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation and Genentech, whose support enabled OMSI to hire eight female identifying and gender-expansive teens to consult on the exhibit design process, and create digital content to supplement the exhibit. Over the summer of 2022 they researched fishing practices and fish species, interviewed people who work with marine fisheries, envisioned dozens of creative exhibit ideas, and created videos that are featured in this exhibit’s final design.

Sustainable Fishing is now open and is part of general museum admission. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned!

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