Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity


Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity engages museum visitors in engineering challenges inspired by our natural world

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[PORTLAND, Ore – March 6, 2023] – The newest addition to the Oregon Museum of Science and
Industry’s (OMSI) educational repertoire is a Spanish-language first exhibit that educates visitors
about the concepts of biomimicry through interactive design and engineering challenges inspired
by our natural world.

Opening March 9, Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity invites visitors of all ages to explore how
our human-made world is inspired by the natural world, and how we can continue to use this
unending inspiration to solve new and pressing challenges.

How does a kangaroo gain energy as it bounces? How does a prairie dog cool its home? Why do
birds have different beaks? The exhibit reveals how animals and nature work in unique, sustainable,
and efficient ways, and how this inspires the engineers of today

“Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity is an engaging experience where kids and adults can
recognize the brilliant design of our natural world and dive into hands-on activities to solve
challenges” said Catherine Diaz, exhibit business development manager at OMSI. “Visitors can
create energy with their hand-made kite, use prisms to direct light, or create a rooftop garden! We
want guests to recognize that they do engineering all the time in their everyday lives. Biomimicry is
a fantastic way to engage people in these concepts, especially those who don’t see themselves as
engineers or are motivated to learn in this area.”

In addition to being a Spanish-language forward exhibit – meaning the entire exhibit positions
Spanish at the top and to the left of English – Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity also features
Aira, a visual interpretation service

“We want everyone to feel welcome and inspired at OMSI,” said Carla Herrán, research and
evaluation associate , at OMSI. “The Spanish-language forward aspect of this exhibit allows us to
be approachable for Latino visitor groups and families who are bilingual. And Aira is an exciting test
run that allows us to welcome and support independence in free-choice learning.”

Developed and produced by OMSI through its Exhibits team in partnership with Adelante Mujeres,
The Biomimicry Institute, and The Fleet Science Center, Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity
incorporates fundamental concepts of biomimicry through 10 hands-on design challenges,
spotlighting the interplay between the art and science of nature and how we can be inspired by it to
improve our world. Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity was made possible by a National Science

Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity is free with museum admission and on view through Monday,
September 4, 2023.

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