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We are dedicated to making OMSI accessible to everyone and your museum experience comfortable and enjoyable. Employees and volunteers are available throughout the museum and can be identified by their OMSI photo ID badges.

Financial Accessibility

OMSI is committed to making science-fueled fun available for all. Learn more about our Admission Access Programs >

Parking & Entrance

There are eight accessible parking spaces available, including two van-accessible spaces. Visitors may be dropped off and picked up at the loading area in front of the main entrance. Parking is $5.00, with discounted pricing available for members. The barrier-free entrance to OMSI is located at the far right hand side of the main entrance. This door is fully accessible with push button entry.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchairs and motorized scooters are available at the Concierge Window, at no charge, and on a first-come, first served basis. ID is required as a deposit. All exhibit and lab areas are wheelchair/scooter accessible with the exception of the USS Blueback submarine. While all exhibits and labs are visual, many have additional auditory or tactile components that invite visitor participation. Staff are available to assist visitors in all exhibit and lab areas.


The Empirical Theater has an upper-level wheelchair accessible entrance and theater restrooms. Please check in with an OMSI staff member or volunteer for assistance in locating these areas.

Several daytime documentaries and newer full-feature evening titles offer closed caption and audio descriptions. The Showing Today signs at the front desk and theater entrance indicate which features have these services. Audio enhancement is also available for all theater content including events such as Science Pub and Reel Eats.

Limited quantities of the following devices are available for theater guests and may be requested at either the Ticketing or Concierge Desk as well as from the theater usher:

  • CaptiView closed-caption (CC) viewing devices
  • Fidelio RX audio description and volume amplification units
  • Williams Sound NKL-001 neck loops designed to work with hearing aids equipped with a telephone coil or T-Switch

The planetarium can accommodate four visitors with wheelchairs. Scripts for presentations are available on request. 


Due to vertical ladder emergency escape routes and the unique nature of the submarine, there is no access for visitors with wheelchairs or strollers beyond the public dock. A video tour is located inside the museum for all visitors. Scripts of tours are available on request. 

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome at OMSI. Emotional support animals are not recognized under the ADA as service animals and are not allowed at OMSI.


For more information visit the concierge desk or call 503.797.4000


Access programming at OMSI is supported by First Tech Federal Credit Union