Better Bites: Spice Up Your Ramen

NOV 12 | 6-8PM

An evening to spark your thoughts and ignite your taste buds. OMSI is offering Better Bites, a series of seasonal, health-centered cooking demonstrations by local chefs addressing the latest culinary topics and trends. 


With a focus on cooking for specific health solutions, Better Bites will include health and nutritional trips from a naturopathic physician from National College of Natural Medicine.


Nourishing the mind and the body, guests will enjoy a thematic, small-plate, four-course meal throughout the evening.


Please join us on November 12 at 6pm when Chef Ed Ross from Noraneko will teach you tips and tricks to making ramen at home.

Ramen At Home

1st | Crostini with tofu and tomato 

2nd | Shredded salad with ginger dressing 

3rd | Shoyu ramen with chasyu and egg 

4th | Milk Jelly with Fresh Fruit 


All of the ingredients for these dishes, including the ramen noodles will be purchased from New Seasons market to demonstrate how accessible all of these products can be.

In a partnership with the National College of Natural Medicine, OMSI brings you Better Bites - a seasonal cooking series!