Science Fiction Film Festival Returns to OMSI


PORTLAND, Ore. – Entertaining. Inspirational. Thought-provoking. Science fiction cinema as both art and insight into popular thinking on the future is celebrated at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s (OMSI) 2019 Sci-Fi Film Festival. 

For seven weeks this fall, the festival will showcase more than 25 of science fiction’s most memorable films on the Empirical Theater’s giant four-story tall screen. From genre classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner to more recent favorites like Inception and Interstellar, the festival’s offerings are sure to appeal to science fiction fans of all ages and interests.

Festival Events
•    Saturday, October 5: Blue Pill, Red Pill: The Matrix Trilogy. Each attendee to the evening's screenings will receive a free pass to OMSI's new feature exhibition Exquisite Creatures. Limit 1 pass per person. 
•    Saturday, October 12: The Star Trek Trilogy: Kelvin Timeline. Attendees to each of the evening's films will receive a pass to OMSI's own star ship, the USS Blueback.
•    Thursday, October 24, 7:00pm: Reel Eats presents A Clockwork Orange with a menu of curated bites matching key moments in the film. 
Festival Passes
Plan on attending multiple shows or events? Festival pass holders receive access to all festival screenings and a discount to the October 24 Reel Eats featuring Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.  
Festival passes are priced at:
•    $30 Adult / $25 Senior (63+) & Youth (3-13)
•    Add $30 to any pass for admission to the October 24 Reel Eats screening of A Clockwork Orange
•    OMSI members receive $3 off any pass option

Festival Tickets
Tickets are also available for individual Festival shows as follows: 
•    $7 Adult / $6 Youth (3-13) & Senior (63+)
•    OMSI members receive $1 off
•    Individual tickets for the October 24 Reel Eats screening of A Clockwork Orange are $35 for all ages.
•    Both Passes and Tickets may be purchased online at, at the OMSI front desk, or by telephone at 503-797-4000.

Festival Schedule

Thursday, September 19
6:30pm  Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Festival pass holder bonus screening)  

Friday, September 20
7:00pm  Edge of Tomorrow
9:15pm  The Thing (1982)
Saturday, September 21
5:00pm  2001: A Space Odyssey
7:45pm  Edge of Tomorrow
9:45pm  Serenity 

Sunday, September 22
6:00pm  Serenity

Tuesday, September 24
7:00pm The Thing (1982)

Thursday, September 26
6:30pm 2001: A Space Odyssey
Friday, September 27
6:30pm  Promare
8:30pm  The Man Who Fell To Earth

Saturday, September 28
5:00pm   When Worlds Collide
6:30pm   Interstellar 
9:30pm  Promare

Sunday, September 29
6:00pm   Interstellar
Wednesday, October 2
6:30pm  When Worlds Collide
8:00pm  The Man Who Fell To Earth

Friday, October 4
6:30pm  Escape From New York
8:30pm  Interstellar
Saturday, October 5
4:30pm  The Matrix
7:15pm  The Matrix Reloaded
9:45pm  The Matrix Revolutions

Sunday, October 6
6:00 Escape From New York

Tuesday, October 8
7:00pm  The Matrix

Wednesday, October 9
7:00 The Matrix Reloaded

Thursday, October 10
7:00pm  The Matrix Revolutions

Friday, October 11
7:00pm  Star Trek (2009)
9:15pm   Inception
Saturday, October 12
5:00pm  Star Trek (2009)
7:30pm  Star Trek Into Darkness
9:45pm  Star Trek Beyond

Sunday, October 13
6:00pm  Inception
Wednesday, October 16
7:00 Star Trek Into Darkness

Thursday, October 17
7:00pm  Star Trek Beyond

Friday, October 18
6:30pm   Time Bandits
8:30pm    Arrival

Saturday, October 19
4:00pm  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
6:15pm  Fantastic Planet
7:30pm  Time Bandits
9:30pm  TBA

Sunday, October 20
4:00pm  E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Wednesday, October 23
6:30pm   Fantastic Planet
8:00pm   Arrival

Thursday, October 24
7:00pm  A Clockwork Orange*
Reel Eats presents A Clockwork Orange accompanied by a 10-12 curated bites arranged in numbered boxes matching key moments in the film. 
*Please note: Festival pass holders are eligible for discounted admission to this event.

Friday, October 25
6:30pm   Aniara
8:30pm   Under The Skin
10:30pm  TBA

Saturday, October 26
6:00pm  Aniara
8:00pm  TBA

Sunday, October 27
6:00pm  TBA

Tuesday, October 29
7:00 Under The Skin

Friday, November 1
7:00pm  Blade Runner (Final Cut)
9:15pm  Blade Runner 2049

Saturday, November 2
5:00pm  This Island Earth
6:30pm  Blade Runner (Final Cut)
8:45pm  Blade Runner 2049

Sunday, November 3
6:00pm  Children of Men

Tuesday, November 5
6:30pm   This Island Earth
8:15pm    Blade Runner (Final Cut)

Wednesday, November 6
6:30pm   Children of Men
8:30pm   Blade Runner 2049