Dinosaurs Revealed


Closing Monday, September 6!

Journey back 250 million years to prehistoric North America! Get up close and personal with life-sized dinosaurs, two detailed dinosaur cast fossils, and more.

Ready to uncover the history of dinosaurs through an immersive experience that showcases the science behind paleontology, evolution, and extinction? OMSI members get free general admission to Dinosaurs Revealed

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About the Exhibit

Walk Amongst Life-Size Dinosaurs

Come face-to-face with realistic life-sized dinosaurs! See how they move, hear them roar, and explore their vast diversity and size—with two detailed (full body) cast fossils.

Journey Back in Time Together

Discover the many challenges dinosaurs faced as you walk through different time periods to gain an understanding of how climates, environments, and species have changed over the last 250 million years.

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Explore Real Dinosaur Discoveries

Walk through prolific North American dig sites and learn what it takes to recover fossilized remains. Science continues to refine what we know—from their nostrils to the color of their feathers—but there’s still much to be discovered.


Sensory-Friendly Dinosaurs Revealed Experience

To ensure OMSI is a welcoming place for our guests with sensory needs, we're offering sensory-friendly visits to the newest exhibit, Dinosaurs Revealed. Sensory-friendly hours will be available twice a month during the summer on specific mornings and evenings. Get Tickets for Dinosaurs Revealed Sensory Hours >


To Prioritize Health and Safety During Your Visit:

- Exhibit admissions and capacity are limited throughout the museum.

- Online ticketing (we'll scan your ticket for contactless entry).

- Staff and Guests will be wearing face coverings. 

- Signs are posted throughout the museum to encourage guests to maintain physical distancing.

- Enhanced cleaning protocols and additional hand sanitizing stations have been implemented throughout the exhibit. Learn More About OMSI's Reopening >

Reserve your tickets online so that you and your family can enjoy this fun and immersive learning opportunity that can’t be experienced from home.

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Add a Giant Screen Theater Experience to Your Dinosaur Adventure

Roam primitive forests with bizarre dinosaurs and colossal amphibians on the largest screen in Portland! 

Dinosaurs of Antarctica takes you to a surreal world of bug-eyed giants and egg-laying mammals—where survival means enduring the sunless, six-month polar winter surrounded by meat-eaters with night vision. 

Get Tickets to see Dinosaurs of Antarctica in the Theater>


Roam with Dinosaurs

Travel through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods to learn about the survival cycles of nature and how the dinosaurs lived, evolved—and went extinct.

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Dinosaurs Revealed
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OMSI members get admission to Dinosaurs Revealed and the Natural Science Hall for free!

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Dinosaurs Revealed

Adult (14+) $12.00
Youth (3-13) $8.00
Senior (63+) $10.00
Children 2 and under visit for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you to Chevron and OnPoint Community Credit Union for sponsoring Dinosaurs Revealed.