Science Pub Portland: Water Drop Photography

Science Pub Portland: Water Drop Photography event image
MAR 2 | 7-9PM

The Art and Science of Water Drop Photography

With Martin Waugh, Liquid Sculpture Photographer

Doors Open @ 5PM | $5 Suggested Donation

Water is fundamental. It comprises the majority of the Earth's surface and is present in all life. From our primordial beginnings to our prenatal environment to our very constitution, it is us. In this talk, Martin discusses the techniques, discoveries, and surprises he encountered in his ten-year obsession with photographing water drops. As with so many things, even if it appears simple, the closer you look the more complex and beautiful it becomes.


Martin’s creative uses of high-speed photography make it possible to capture the smooth and effortless curves of liquid, eliciting a childlike sense of fun and whimsy. By varying the size, speed and position of drops, as well as the color, viscosity, and surface tension, Martin creates a panorama of color, movement and intrigue. His images are engaging metaphors for life and are as intriguing to the eye as they are thought provoking.


Martin received his B.S. degree in Physics and Secondary Education from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, where he pursued a career in software and raised a family and kayaked many of the close-by rivers. His work has been published worldwide and can be found in both corporate and private art collections.


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