Science Pub Portland: Squid Life

JAN 5 | 7-9PM

Squid Life: Biodiversity of Deep Sea Cephalopods

With Annie Lindgren, PhD, Research Staff and Adjunct Lecturer for the Center for Life in Extreme Environments at Portland State University

Doors Open @ 5PM | $5 Suggested Donation

Only about ¼ of our oceans exist in shallow waters where ample sunlight drives photosynthesis.  But below the shallows lies an entire world filled with animals living in constant darkness at near freezing temperatures under crushing pressures. From dime-sized squids that migrate the length of 6 football fields twice a day to feed, to deep-sea fish with built-in red flashlights to find food, the deep sea holds some of the greatest diversity seen on our planet. 


In this lecture, Dr. Annie Lindgren will present an overview of the biology and physiology of the most enigmatic and diverse creatures that call this cold dark ocean realm, home and will discuss her research on new species discovery in the deep sea.  Using a combination of genetic, biogeographical and morphological approaches, Dr. Lindgren will provide insights into how cephalopods (cuttlefishes, squids and octopuses) invaded, diversified and became one of the most successful predators in the deep oceans.


Annie Lindgren, PhD, is an Assistant Research Professor of Biology at Portland State University.  She also oversees the Center for Life in Extreme Environments and works to help increase K-12 students’ access to university STEM research.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Biology at New Mexico State University and her Ph.D. at Ohio State University (2008).  In addition to continuing her research on evolution, biodiversity and systematics of deep sea squids, Dr. Lindgren teaches courses related to marine biology and science outreach.  She has participated in deep sea research cruises in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, conducted field work in France, Ireland, and Australia, and worked extensively in Natural History Museums around the World.


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