Science Pub Portland: Protecting Oregon’s Biodiversity

NOV 14, 2017 | 7-9PM

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Space Cowboys: Protecting Oregon’s Biodiversity
With Heidi Schmalz, Zumwalt Science Specialist at The Nature Conservancy

November 14, 2017 | Doors Open @ 5PM | 

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In the Pacific Northwest and around the world, agriculture and other human activities have altered most native grasslands, leaving those that remain among Earth’s most endangered ecosystems. But at northeast Oregon’s Zumwalt Prairie, adjacent to the magnificent Wallowa Mountains, there is a stronghold. Here, in the largest remaining grassland of its type in North America, science, innovation and teamwork are bringing vitality to both land and livelihoods.


The Nature Conservancy, the University of Idaho and a group of private ranchers are working together to improve and protect biodiversity in this treasured landscape while supporting sustainable livestock grazing, ranching families and the local community. Learn about their collaborative efforts using remote sensing technologies and satellite data to monitor vegetation across the prairie, allowing ranchers and land managers to make smart decisions that provide benefits for both livestock, native species and the land upon which all depend. 


Heidi Schmalz originally hails from Wisconsin, but discovered her passion for western landscapes when she volunteered on a trail crew in the central Idaho wilderness when she was 20. That volunteer experience led to 6 seasons in the wilderness and the formation of a deep bond with nature that continues to inspire her conservation work. Heidi has been involved with projects on the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in northeast Oregon since 2006, when she began as a seasonal field technician. After three seasons on the preserve, she pursued a MSc at University of Idaho, and returned to the Zumwalt Prairie in 2011. Her current role as the Zumwalt Science Specialist for The Nature Conservancy keeps her engaged in a wide array of activities, from identifying plants to analyzing data and writing technical reports. She coordinates a resident volunteer program on the preserve for students who seek real-world experience in scientific monitoring and supports academic research projects that take place on the Zumwalt Prairie.


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