Science Pub Portland: Nutrition & Epigenetics

OCT 1, 2019 | 7-9PM; Doors 6PM



You are What Your Grandparents Ate: What you Need to Know about Nutrition, Experience, Epigenetics, and the Origins of Chronic Disease

With Judith Finlayson, Author, and Kent Thornburg, PhD, M. Lowell Edwards Chair, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Center for Developmental Health at the Knight Cardiovascular Institute, and Director of the Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness at OHSU

October 1, 2019 | Doors Open @ 6PM - PLEASE NOTE: This event takes place on a Tuesday!


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What your grandparents ate and how they lived their lives has a direct bearing on who you are today.  And in turn, your lifestyle will impact the lives of your children, grandchildren and generations beyond. This is the basic premise behind one of the most fascinating avenues of scientific research currently being conducted around the world — the idea that your chances of developing chronic disease as an adult are linked with systemic changes that took place while you were still in your mother’s womb.


With YOU ARE WHAT YOUR GRANDPARENTS ATE: What You Need to Know about Nutrition, Experience, Epigenetics & the Origins of Chronic Disease, Judith Finlayson—author of a new book with the same title-- takes us on a journey from Oregon to Helsinki and from Southampton to Amsterdam, where much of the research into the developmental origins of chronic disease is focused. She brings us to the cutting edge of science, detailing the findings that have brought us to a better understanding of the origins of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and  heart disease — which are increasing at such a rapid rate that the word epidemic often comes into play when they are discussed. The science of epigenetics has heightened our understanding of the mechanisms underlying these conditions, and it also offers insights into steps we can take to mitigate these predispositions.


One of the institutions at the forefront of research into the developmental origins of health and disease is right here in Portland at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), where the Bob and Charlee Moore Institute of Nutrition & Wellness is led by Dr. Kent Thornburg.


Dr. Thornburg joins Ms. Finlayson in conversation for this surprising and informative event.


Judith Finlayson is a bestselling author who has written books on a variety of subjects from personal well-being and women’s history to food and nutrition. A former national newspaper columnist for The Globe and Mail, a magazine journalist and a board member of various organizations focusing on legal, medical and women’s issues, she is also the author of over a dozen cookbooks. Judith lives in Toronto.


Kent L. Thornburg, PhD, is M. Lowell Edwards Chair, Professor of Medicine, Knight Cardiovascular Institute and Director, Bob and Charlee Moore Institute of Nutrition & Wellness, Oregon Health & Science University.



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