Science Pub Portland: Glaciers

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MAY 4 | 7-9PM

Glacier in the American West: A History of their Recent Past and a Glimpse into their Potential Future

With Andrew Fountain, PhD, Professor of Geography and Geology at Portland State University

May 4, 2017 | Doors Open @ 5PM | $5 Suggested Donation

Glaciers are amazing features, persistent formations of snow and ice even during the hottest of summers. For a long time the nature of their movement was controversial and in the continental US glaciers were unknown to science until 1871. We all know that glaciers are sensitive indicators of climate; they grow during cold snowy times and shrink during warm dry ones, although exceptions to this common sense rule do exist. The exploration of the glaciers in the American West and how have they changed since that time is a fascinating story that has roots in Portland.


Dr. Andrew G. Fountain will explore the changing glaciers of Oregon and of the American West against the backdrop of glaciers globally including the two big ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica. The presentation will show how the glaciers have changed over the past century, discuss the relevancy of glaciers, and consider what the future might bring.


Andrew G. Fountain, Ph.D. has studied glaciers for the past three decades, getting his start in the Cascade Range of Washington. His studies have taken him to Alaska, Arctic Sweden, and Antarctica. He recently visited Antarctica in January 2017 and has a new study in Arctic Sweden this summer after an absence of 10 years. His current focus is glacier change in the American West (not including Alaska). He is a professor of geology and geography at Portland State University, an honorary fellow of several scientific societies, has won a number of awards for research, and has been an international fellow to Great Britain and Japan.


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